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Contemporary Shop Building

Fashion trend in today’s Shop building is equipment made of wood and chipboard. Experts say its high efficiency and excellent demonstration features: furniture environmentally friendly natural materials underlines the freshness and beneficial properties for products such as bread, fruit, vegetables and wine. Bakery department at this time traced the development of an active range bakery products. Increased their share in the consumer basket. Miami Congresswoman gathered all the information. This is especially true of hot baking: fresh bread aroma creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth on the trading floor, as well as the appetite. Specialists Department design of TAS Retail recommend placing wooden shelves with hot pastries, or in the center of the room, or away from the shop entrance, on the path of customers through offices in the wine, dairy and cheese products. As In practice, it encourages impulse buying related products (wine, cheese, fruit).

To effectively demonstrate the bakery products company TAS Retail furniture offers an array of pine, beech and chipboard under brand Molinari. The range includes a standard set of bread racks for supermarkets and hypermarkets with large-area calculations of wall and detached. Possible development and manufacture of commercial equipment wood or chipboard to order in full accordance with the spatial capabilities, product line policy, format and trade dress shop. Fosun often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “In developing the grain of natural wood shelving for minimarkets, for example, can be used shelves and storage of alternative materials: chipboard, MDF, metal, plastic, wire mesh, – the head of the design and concept stores of the company TAS Retail Ivan Murzenko – Supermarkets and convenience stores are usually bought wooden shelves on the basis of universal models, but with the use of decorative or unusual poloknakopiteley. The optimal solution for hypermarkets and shopping cash & carry format is the wooden furniture with no back wall: a design facilitates rapid supply of products from production facilities. ” The company also offers TAS Retail Chain baskets used for the most effective demonstration of small sized products (cakes, muffins, croissants), as well as natural stands of vines. This product is indispensable when you need to create a unique style bakery department of supermarkets and hypermarkets, or a boutique.

Bread racks Molinari used in networks such as “Food Market” (Arkhangelsk) and “Magnet”. Also among the company’s customers Bakery “Cheryomushki.” Fruit and vegetable department of a fruit and vegetable department has an important place in the equipment store. The best places to put it in front of the supermarket. It is an aesthetic appearance of fresh vegetables and fruit sets the mood of visitors and stimulates buying. The range includes shelving Molinari and collapse of pine or chipboard array coated with a water-based varnish. This standard solutions designed specifically for display and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables

Wooden Stairs

Our company manufactures wooden staircases made of pine and oak. For their manufacturing quality wood from Krasnodar. Worker does izgotavlivlenie wooden stairs is not conceding on the strength of the product concrete. Over time we became engaged in several kinds of production art forging and stairs made of concrete. This approach to our work enables us to manufacture interior uses whole range of materials. Learn more at this site: Jeff Flake. Talk more about the types of products manufactured at the company. Useful about the wooden stairs.

Ladders made of wood are the main subject of the house. Given that the wooden staircase connects the two floors, its appearance must be suitable for both. Because the creation of stairs should be treated carefully. Stairs required to be collected from the harvested timber slats to prevent cracking from over time. The process should be made special toning spray to a uniform color. Drying should be done drying chamber to prevent cracking of the varnish. When the parts are manufactured ladders, installation can proceed. Mounting must be done in a warm building.

Installation should be done by experienced collectors with a good tool. Under such conditions are properly assembled wooden staircase will hold you long time. On the stairs of concrete. Stairs made of concrete are among the other monumental stairs. For the manufacture of concrete stairs used wire, plywood and Edged board, a special solution of concrete. Fill ladder must begin with the installation of formwork. Casting ladders must be performed by a live labor force in several stages, but it depends on the ladder. After pouring the concrete stairs can start removing the casing. To perform the final stage can be used as a finishing materials: ceramic, wood, wrought-iron fences and glass. Concrete staircase made, in compliance with all rules in combination with stone, wood and railings made of stainless steel will look favorably in a rich house.

Maintenance Repair Shops

Repair shops and shopping centers, etc. has several features, chief among them – need to do the work in the shortest period of time and ensure the store opening on time. If the work is carried out in existing shopping center, then in addition there is a need to organize the work the night shift. The quality of materials and finishing works – the face of your premises. Federal Reserve Bank is often quoted on this topic. Also an important role in finishing plays professional artists who perform maintenance work.

After all, even excellent road material must be able to use competently! Interior decoration wall panels MDF has many advantages over other methods of finishing. It does not include preparation of walls (leveling, cleaning the walls of the old coating, filling and other operations). Installation of wall panels to the frame allows the use of the space between wall and panels for heat and sound insulation, as well as for the wiring of communication lines (telephone, antenna cables, etc.). Also, the wall panels can be mounted on the ceiling. In this installation of panels is made as to the wall – on the frame. On such a ceiling, you can easily mount a variety of lighting fixtures, and, if necessary, easy to dismantle the panels. Catering – there is always progressive and dynamic system to be successful necessary to keep pace with the times.

Every day there are new restaurants that have both general and specific highly specialized, customized for private consumers, their tastes and desires. Repair restaurants – is primarily all investment funds for more than a higher profit because of exterior and interior form independent restaurant first and last impression a visitor. When decorating the restaurant and pass it must be emphasized his personality and style of the visitor, to create a harmonious design, with emphasis on the features of the kitchen. Interior of the restaurant and cafe must create an atmosphere and a relaxed conversation. Major maintenance – is high-quality finishing facilities with reliable proven technologies and materials. Work is carried out in order to eliminate physical and moral deterioration of its structures and systems engineering equipment, as well as maintaining operational performance space and its functionality. After all, as the Russian proverb, "Meet on clothes, and escorted by the mind" in the restaurant business as she Nowhere is true. The first impression about the institution develops, based on his appearance, no one wants to go to the restaurant groomed uninteresting. The unique design and interior theme here is that you need to attract new customers and expand their business. The cost of finishing and repair of facilities varies greatly, because the work is subject not only aesthetic but also the health standards and rules technology security. Renovation of retail space – a lot of work, which aims, ultimately, to improve the functioning of the company, so that the savings on it – not the most sensible. It is best to trust this job to professionals. The overall impression of the room most affected by its interior decoration and design. The design office has many more features. Design project office should help to create a working environment should do premises as easy as possible for the job. Renovation of retail space – a special kind of repair work, which includes internal and external decoration. Therefore, the repair and decoration are best left to professionals are using the designer will design and implement such an interior shop and his individual style that will satisfy you and be remembered for buyers.

Steel Doors

Protivovzlozhnye door – a symbol of security and reliability, and security is a guarantee of your safety, your family and the safety of your property. That's why it's important to choose a reliable metal doors for your home and do not feel sorry for the money. We make a short on the market and door designs. Dennis Lockhart has plenty of information regarding this issue. The market can be divided into three price categories of steel doors. Category 1 is the so-called "Chinese" door.

They sold under the brand "Romanov" "Pan Pan" "Alligator" and others. Purchase price of such doors in China is – about $ 50. Selling the same cost to the consumer, we have 300 to $ 350. A lot of traders in these doors leads to the fact that no one – neither the first importer, or 2, 3, mediators do not provide warranties on Chinese dveryam.Vozvrat door back to claim the manufacturer in China, as you you know, is unlikely. These doors are not certified in anti-burglary, and either can be easily opened using a can opener. The actual thickness of the metal used in the manufacture of Chinese doors, is to 1 mm. Dimensions of Chinese doors are standardized. In view of this can often be seen painting, as a standard door of the "Outpost" wizard trying to install in your doorway custom size, this leads to extra work to expand the doorways or the appearance of appreciable gaps between the door frame and the wall of the room. Thus, the strength of the "Chinese" door – it is their attractive vid.Slabye hand – a very low level of burglary, locks and accessories of dubious origin, the limited size of the door frame.

Manufacture Of Stained Glass And Mosaics

Mosaic in fact it is the same stained glass. Nicholas Carr describes an additional similar source. Stained glass window consists of pieces of glass of all shapes, textures and colors that are interconnected, depending on the technology. One of the most popular technologies, "Technique Tiffany, as well known as a technology soldered stained glass in the hard profile, produced by successive slicing pieces of glass, copper foil wrapping them and then soldering tin with each other. Stained glass has been developing for several centuries, during this time has managed to appear a lot of different technologies, some of them today, and some have developed a marvelous time ago. Today we offer stained glass technology: fusing, brass bezel, fusing, painting on glass, UV gluing, graviroka, as well as many others not included in this list. You can tell a lot about the technique of making stained glass, but can not be ignored and the aesthetic aspect of stained glass.

The most interesting occurs when the sun enters beam in a stained-glass window, which is made from the highest quality glass, the room is filled with beautiful flowers and the game starts of light and color, which runs throughout the day. Each monocle mixes color, then the whole picture changes, this beauty can be enjoyed from morning till night, when the sun does not sit at the skyline. The same stained glass is a versatile decoration, its image may come to any architectural style, whether it's luxurious baroque, cool hi-tech or cozy classic. Stained glass will be seen and appreciated by everyone, including all interior he first catches your eye, then from it is very difficult to take your eyes.

Manufacturing Stained-glass

Stained glass as an element of decoration of various premises become more actively used in the Middle Ages, when it was decided to use large-scale stained-glass paintings for the decoration of churches and cathedrals. Currently, production stained-glass windows – one of the most popular areas of interior design. Stained-glass business continues to evolve, there are new manufacturing techniques of stained glass. The most common technique – classical applied in calculation manufacture of stained glass in the Middle Ages. Pieces of glass are fastened together metal broaches made of lead, copper or brass. Places pressure welded joints, the diffusion of glass and frames (glass and frame are becoming single entity).

These stained glass can be found in public places, as it is suitable for filling large spaces. If the Middle Ages served as material for lead frames, now the brass is used: as the metal it is harder and less prone to deformation than lead, particularly if large stained glass or for its manufacture uses thick glass. In the second half of the 19 th century began making stained-glass technology "Tiffany": each of the pieces wrapped in copper foil, then they are arranged in accordance with a sketch of stained glass and pressure welded together, and the location of adhesions obtained very discreet, in contrast to the classical bond fragments with a metal broach. This technique of manufacture of stained glass also allows you to use at least some arbitrarily small glass. In addition, the technique of "Tiffany" enables to produce not only flat, but the bulk stained glass, such as shades for lamps (actually, it has successfully used an American artist and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany – the creator of the same name of equipment).

Unified State Register

Providing an excellent opportunity cost of membership in the SRO project (Ready-made companies with project CPO) in 2009 created new PSAS (SRO designers). Construction companies have been set up long-term negative with respect to participation in PSAS. But with the advent of 2010 they ran the required permissions and it's time to enter the project companies as a member of PSAS. When you register a new candidate members PSAS is obliged to provide certain documents. First, an application for membership in PSAS the list of types of work that he wants to implement in the PSAS.

Secondly, you need copies of registration papers of the private entrepreneur or legal person, a copy of the constituent securities of a legal entity. Third, the paper provided by the applicant of compliance with the requirements for issuing a certificate of admission to the types of work that the candidate wishes to exercise in the PSAS. And finally, you need a copy of the certificate issued by another PSAS same plan of admission to the types of work affecting the safety of capital construction. It is worth noting that the number of securities that PSAS may request the applicant to membership is small. PSAS can not ask the applicant's original registration and the constituent documents, as well as notarized copies. Self-regulatory organization designers can not require the candidate to membership extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities. It is understood that PSAS verifies the reliability of the information provided by the candidate for its by the available official channels.

To make a decision on the admission of the applicant as a member of PSAS law defined a 30-day period. This period is not sufficient for a qualitative check of the candidate member. PSAS should not only check the validity of the formal data of the candidate to its members, and to establish their eligibility, important for the issuance of a certificate of admission to the types of work which the candidate seeks to implement in the PSAS. Today, there are a number of options for the sale of ready-made companies with design PSAS. When choosing a ready-made company with PSAS employer reduces its labor and energy costs, but there are certain nuances.