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Steel Doors

Protivovzlozhnye door – a symbol of security and reliability, and security is a guarantee of your safety, your family and the safety of your property. That's why it's important to choose a reliable metal doors for your home and do not feel sorry for the money. We make a short on the market and door designs. Dennis Lockhart has plenty of information regarding this issue. The market can be divided into three price categories of steel doors. Category 1 is the so-called "Chinese" door.

They sold under the brand "Romanov" "Pan Pan" "Alligator" and others. Purchase price of such doors in China is – about $ 50. Selling the same cost to the consumer, we have 300 to $ 350. A lot of traders in these doors leads to the fact that no one – neither the first importer, or 2, 3, mediators do not provide warranties on Chinese dveryam.Vozvrat door back to claim the manufacturer in China, as you you know, is unlikely. These doors are not certified in anti-burglary, and either can be easily opened using a can opener. The actual thickness of the metal used in the manufacture of Chinese doors, is to 1 mm. Dimensions of Chinese doors are standardized. In view of this can often be seen painting, as a standard door of the "Outpost" wizard trying to install in your doorway custom size, this leads to extra work to expand the doorways or the appearance of appreciable gaps between the door frame and the wall of the room. Thus, the strength of the "Chinese" door – it is their attractive vid.Slabye hand – a very low level of burglary, locks and accessories of dubious origin, the limited size of the door frame.