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Manufacture Of Stained Glass And Mosaics

Mosaic in fact it is the same stained glass. Nicholas Carr describes an additional similar source. Stained glass window consists of pieces of glass of all shapes, textures and colors that are interconnected, depending on the technology. One of the most popular technologies, "Technique Tiffany, as well known as a technology soldered stained glass in the hard profile, produced by successive slicing pieces of glass, copper foil wrapping them and then soldering tin with each other. Stained glass has been developing for several centuries, during this time has managed to appear a lot of different technologies, some of them today, and some have developed a marvelous time ago. Today we offer stained glass technology: fusing, brass bezel, fusing, painting on glass, UV gluing, graviroka, as well as many others not included in this list. You can tell a lot about the technique of making stained glass, but can not be ignored and the aesthetic aspect of stained glass.

The most interesting occurs when the sun enters beam in a stained-glass window, which is made from the highest quality glass, the room is filled with beautiful flowers and the game starts of light and color, which runs throughout the day. Each monocle mixes color, then the whole picture changes, this beauty can be enjoyed from morning till night, when the sun does not sit at the skyline. The same stained glass is a versatile decoration, its image may come to any architectural style, whether it's luxurious baroque, cool hi-tech or cozy classic. Stained glass will be seen and appreciated by everyone, including all interior he first catches your eye, then from it is very difficult to take your eyes.

Plastic Windows Market in Moscow

The market is saturated with plastic windows today as never before. Availability, fast production times and ease of installation make the choice of most plastic windows to be installed in their apartments, country houses, cottages. Opportunity combine the plastic windows of various shapes and forms makes them one of the first coming to mind options for glazing bay window. The main consumer properties of plastic windows are: the thickness profile number of cameras Profile, coefficient of heat resistance of the window profile, color, number of circuits supported by the compaction and the thickness of the glass. Profile thickness directly affects the way in which it is premises can be made from it to install new windows, as well as supported by the thickness of the glass. The number of cameras profile depends how much heat will be a window. In Moscow apartment optimally set the plastic window of the profiles with the number of chambers 3-5.

The more subtle profile is, the less there will be cameras, but the converse is not true. Coefficient of thermal conductivity and resistance is a characteristic profile which affects the retention of heat in the room. This information is provided by the manufacturer of plastic windows. Color Profile – familiar to all the color profiles is white. Profile can be painted in color on one of the standard directories (eg, RAL or Renolit), or colored film laminated catalog Renolit. As lamination and coating of plastic windows is possible with one or both sides of the product. Number contours seal must be at least two, so that in a plastic box, there was no cracks and it is not from the barrel. Also a good option is to install an additional circuit compaction (Total – 3). Obviously, the plastic windows today is dominated by the Moscow market.