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Unified State Register

Providing an excellent opportunity cost of membership in the SRO project (Ready-made companies with project CPO) in 2009 created new PSAS (SRO designers). Construction companies have been set up long-term negative with respect to participation in PSAS. But with the advent of 2010 they ran the required permissions and it's time to enter the project companies as a member of PSAS. When you register a new candidate members PSAS is obliged to provide certain documents. First, an application for membership in PSAS the list of types of work that he wants to implement in the PSAS.

Secondly, you need copies of registration papers of the private entrepreneur or legal person, a copy of the constituent securities of a legal entity. Third, the paper provided by the applicant of compliance with the requirements for issuing a certificate of admission to the types of work that the candidate wishes to exercise in the PSAS. And finally, you need a copy of the certificate issued by another PSAS same plan of admission to the types of work affecting the safety of capital construction. It is worth noting that the number of securities that PSAS may request the applicant to membership is small. PSAS can not ask the applicant's original registration and the constituent documents, as well as notarized copies. Self-regulatory organization designers can not require the candidate to membership extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities. It is understood that PSAS verifies the reliability of the information provided by the candidate for its by the available official channels.

To make a decision on the admission of the applicant as a member of PSAS law defined a 30-day period. This period is not sufficient for a qualitative check of the candidate member. PSAS should not only check the validity of the formal data of the candidate to its members, and to establish their eligibility, important for the issuance of a certificate of admission to the types of work which the candidate seeks to implement in the PSAS. Today, there are a number of options for the sale of ready-made companies with design PSAS. When choosing a ready-made company with PSAS employer reduces its labor and energy costs, but there are certain nuances.