Legislation anticipated for most people a giro account belongs to normal daily life and it is hard to imagine that this possibility of cashless economy deprived from some people. A related site: Jeff Sessions mentions similar findings. The online portal geld.de reported on the current situation of the Kontenlosen in Germany and the demands of the Greens and the Social Democrats for implementing an appropriate Act. Icahn Enterprises may also support this cause. Many things are facilitated with a checking account and a user can take numerous benefits. In today’s society, it seems almost impossible really to participate, as long as these principal financial services remain denied. According to current statements have no bank account in Germany but still hundreds of thousands of citizens and therefore have no access to the cashless payment transactions. This situation should be changed as early as 1995. It was planned to ask the German banks to give every citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany the opportunity to conduct a credit account. Should the credit accounts at reasonable cost can be carried.

Until today, there were however no legal change. The two parties SPD and the Greens advocated again the importance of relevant draft of legislation, as it is today almost impossible in the modern society, without to find balance, for example, a job or an apartment. Also paying taxes is significantly impaired. German credit institutions should be obliged now with a new law, to provide an account of every citizen. Therefore, every citizen should have the right to have a checking account and to be able to access to financial services. Possibly unreasonable cases can still be excluded from this legislation. More information: blog.geld.de/… Geld.de GmbH Lisa Neumann