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Security and Health of the Worker

Already BS 8800, voltada for the security and health of the worker. SA8000 is the norm, therefore. It exists for empresasfornecedoras and salesmen. This norm brings all the requirements and metodologiapara a correct evaluation of the conditions of the workstation. These condiesincluem infantile work, forced works, health and security in the work, freedom of association, discrimination, diversity, practical to discipline, horria load, benefits and the responsibilities of the management in keeping to emelhorar the conditions> of the work. SA8000 is being each more recognized time in the effective world as umsistema of implementation, maintenance and verification of conditions dignasde work. Currently are more than 160 companies certifyd with emdiversos SA8000 countries, including, among others: United States, England, Spain, Italy and Brazil. Although to understand that this norm searchs to propitiate oaprimoramento and better conditions of work, does not have to be able of substituirnossa labor law.

It is a tool used for model of gestoque searchs to construct an ethical relation and of quality with the different shareholding, employee, supplying public, customers, community, government, meioambiente and others – with which the company if relates. It is the way as aorganizao treats and leads its businesses, leading in account the desenvolvimentoeconmico, social and ambient. As well as norms ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 it is necessary oenvolvimento of the High Administration to co-ordinate the program, the Analysis Crticaperidica, the Planning and Implementation. The interested organizations to emcomprovar the attendance to the requirements of the norm are submitted the specialized portcnicos auditorships of famous independent entities. The certificate s granted to those organizations that fulfill to the requirements dosistema total. Respect of the community, that interacts with these companies, is ogrande objective and prize who can reach and receive for practising action quetrazem the comprometimento of the employees stops with the aspirations of the companies. Social responsibility encloses: Mission and Values of the Ethical Company in its actions Support to the collaborator, its families, incentive educao. Working, Governmental and Syndical relations. Health of the Diligent Relationship with suppliers, producers, deliverers. Relationship with shareholders and the government Practical honest and transparent of market Service of Attendance to the Consuming Social Marketing Social Rocking Respect to the Environment Cultural actions by means of support to the Community.

The Ecologists

We do not attend the birth douniverso. It is not the Land for us. We are for the Land. – that they are merossintomas of deeper an ambient crisis, whose the roots if they find naperda and acquisition of new human values and in the lack of ethics. We earn with> technological acquisition, that in very facilitounossas daily activities, we lose in quality of life. The companies ganharamna productivity and the worker lost its job. We perceive thus, that aglobalizao is a knife of two gumes, that is to few centimeters of nossopescoo. Values are questioned, authors appear with new boardings and the ticaambiental is acclaimed to be part of this new reality.

Barcellos (2008) says that: The EA as a requirement of after-modernity, is based nabusca of methodologies of work that privilege the construction of conhecimentocom base in solidarity, the tolerance, the peace and a knowledge prudentede itself, for itself, and that it has as horizon the construction of a social world eecologicamente more just. Gonalves (2006) considered this process all como' ' ingenuous ecologismo – the media wisely manipulates in inviting to take care of dolixo ours of each dia' '. This author believes that the current period neoliberal daglobalizao, differs from the periods precede that it for especificidadedo ambient challenge. that this challenge that we face is effect of nossascontraditrias and anti-symmetrical previous actions However exists in the current speech of globalization one ' ' qu' ' completamenteparadoxal, therefore, never if spoke in such a way in ambient questions as in ltimos30 years and the destruction of the nature was never so devastadora. During much time, we learn that nature was overde and that we needed to defend the fauna and the flora. Quickly, this discursomudou, sleeps attending the ambient destruction as expectadores and acordamosfazendo part of the environment. On this subject (BERN 2007) it says the following one: The ecologists had dedicated much more ' ' the defense of animals and plants that aosproblemas of the species human being.

Ambient Justice

In face of the current partner-economic crisis of nossoPlaneta, becomes each more urgent time the mobilization on the part of all oscidados in the brainstorming that skirtes these problems, this is the ambient nossodesafio. Front to this, the Ambient Justice of our Country, through dRede Brazilian Ambient Justice, promotes the fight to finish with different adistribuio them ambient risks, that come affecting the quality due not only ambient as socially. Osmovimentos Ambient Justice had as landmark against racism in the United States. There, the fight is against adesigualdade of the quality of life in relation to ‘ ‘ raas’ ‘ , or better dizendoetnias. As it is seen, here in Brazil, the fight is ampler. It accumulates of stocks principles, it searchs equality of quality of life and believes that the fight alone will be able servencida when the conscience will be had of that she is necessary to protect fracose more that we must give one is enough in the ambient destructions, for benefit of umaminoria, in detriment of the smashing majority of population of the world. Word-Key: Ambient justice, Brazilian Net of Ambient Justice, Ambient Injustice, Practical Principles and of Ambient Justice.

Crisis ABSTRACT Given the currentsocio-economic of our planet, it becomes increasingly urgent you call forall citizens in search of solutions you circumvent these problems, this is ourenvironmental challenge. This Facing, the Environmental Justice of our country, through the Brazilian Network of Environmental Justice, promotes the fight toend the unequal distribution of environmental risks, which has affected thequality of life not only environmentally and socially. The EnvironmentalJustice in March was you the movements against racism in the United States. Thereis the fight against inequality in quality of life in relation you ‘ ‘ races’ ‘ , or to rather races. Them see you can here in Brazil, the fight to isbroader. It covers principles, pursuit of equal quality of life and believesthat the fight can only be overcome when you ploughs aware that we must protect theweak and we should just give in environmental destruction, will be the benefit of aminority at the expense of overwhelming majority of the world population.

Comparison Values

The value gotten for the medium one was of 104,7 dB (), indicating that 50% of the values of the levels of measured noises are above of this value, about 35,0 dB () more than the level criterion established in 40,0 NBR 10151 and about dB () more than the level of criterion established in NBR 10152. In relation to the values of the quartiles, it was observed that 50% of the emitted values of noise in the activities, that is half of the measured values, is around 95,0 105,0 dB () e, in relation to the percentiles, was verified that, for 70,0 dB (), the percentile biggest is P11, indicating that 89% of the noise levels are above of the level criterion of NBR 10151. Now, comparing the value of 65,0 dB () the biggest percentile is the P1, indicating that 100% of the values they are above of the value established for the NBR 10152/NR 17. Being overcome the data of all the measurements and becoming fullfilled a frequency distribution, were verified that this is come close to a normal distribution, as if can see in Figure 02. Figure 02 Histograma of the distribution of all the data of the measurements Knows that not yet a norm exists that establishes values for acoustic comfort in the work environments that they do not demand intellectual request. What it exists is the NR-15 that establishes values for sound pressure levels that they can cause PAIR in labor environments in function of the exposition time. Table 04 presents the values of Leq () gotten in five (5) measurements of noise for PAIR, beyond the time of each measurement, the criterion of the NR-015 and the Dose equivalent for eight (8) working hours. Table 04 Comparison enters the values of Leq () measured and prescribed by the NR-15 Activity Time of Measurement (hours) Leq () NR-15 dB () Dose for 8 hours % Welding 11:22 91,2 85,0 238,2 Welding 11:30 95,5 85,0 433,0 Jateamento 08:07 87,3 85,0 140,0 Welding 08:05 86,5 85,0 135,0 Jateamento 08:33 87,7 85,0 145,7 Analyzing Figure 03, that it is the graphical representation of Table 04, for a comparison with the values of the NR-15, can be verified that, for all the measurements, the value of Leq (), is always above of the level criterion established for the NR-15, especially for measurement 2 (activity of welding) where the value is about 10,0 dB () above of the boundary-value of the NR-15, form that if it will not have use of auditory protector on the part of the employees that these activities act in all, certainly will occur auditory loss in the same ones in elapsing of the time.