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Property Price Increases

Let us recall some forecasts for growth in property prices were given another five, seven, ten years ago. Guo Guangchang might disagree with that approach. Fifteen years ago about buying a home for the average family could only think in a very bold dreams. Although if there were positive examples of bringing people together in building societies. But it was more the exception than the rule, and the default of 1998 left many with nothing. And yet, as we see the picture changes – it can not change: if the worst is behind us, it's time to come would be already something better. And it's happening: if before the building could be frozen at the stage of laying the foundation, but now the pace of construction has consistently growing; Government is actively paying attention to the development and subsidize this area (because it is also economic indicators of the executive branch, for which it should report), moving among the population and Mortgage program (people are more willing to take shelter in the mortgage, because the can already count on its repayment, and credit conditions, and other banking services for the population is becoming more acceptable). As a result the prices of there was a fracture of the property – apparently reached its saturation point in this (though we will not certify with 100% guarantee). October 2006 clearly shows that higher prices for Moscow real estate market began to lower their rates, about anything more than a decade could only dream of.

Now united in the majority of participants in this market that actually increase in prices has stopped, but still reflects the formal statistics of growth, is at this stage is rather residual character. So, in a period of stagnation in prices for the 2004 data, the Moscow city index value of the property has remained virtually unchanged for nearly six months, as noted leader of one of the think tanks Oleg. What, exactly, does not mean that absolutely all the Moscow apartment prices have stood still. Apartment house, too, because hatred.