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Residential Construction

The materials used in construction of prefabricated buildings, much lighter and more compact traditional (the thickness of the walls of such facilities does not exceed 40 cm), which greatly accelerates the speed of their construction. Can always arise the question: 'And how many solid walls of pre-fabricated buildings?'. Giving an answer must agree that the strength of 'naked' walls prefabricated buildings inferior brick counterparts. But this problem is quite simply solved by lining buildings with siding or plate of a single layer of bricks (there can also be considered such an option, that the house could be built. It lead tenants, and only then, as far as possible the owner is lining brick building).

So you can get a great own house for much less and in a very short time. In most countries in Europe or Asia, there is a problem that lies in the fact that their territory is not enough space for the erection of private homes of low-rise (townhouses), so their cities are built skyscrapers. As for us, this problem does not occur and therefore pre-fabricated buildings as low-rise residential buildings as you can not fit us. The same path of development have long gone, countries like – usa, Canada, Germany. Their mega-cities are divided into two parts of the business (business), the center and residential townhouses.

If we compare prices, it turns out that the average cost per square meter of living space in Moscow outside the Moscow ring road is 90 thousand rubles, at the same time square meter prefabricated buildings will cost 15,000 rubles, so it should be affordable housing. To all this will not be flat in the high-rises, and your own private home. A distinctive feature is the fact that came to us frame the Canadian technology, conceived in view of our 'Russian Winter' high wind loads, vandal-proof properties, and for rodent control. Basis of low-rise pre-fabricated building is frame system made of lightweight steel sections (welded I-beams) connected together with screws and bolts. In the space between the elements of the framework laid insulation (basalt slab, or polystyrene), which provides thermal circuit of the building. Internal walls by gypsum boards, ceiling mounted, floor spreading gypsum sheet and laminate. Final finishing is carried out by the customer. For the exterior facade of prefabricated building developed a special high-strength tile facade, facade and decorative metal panels, siding, brick, etc.