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Business Process Outsourcing BPO

Nord-soft offers complete BPO services to the entire back-office processes of the Commission accounts economic benefits with lower costs than for internal Commission clerical Horst / August 20, 2009 – the North-soft GmbH is a new way on the basis of specific requests from the market and now offers through its subsidiary a complete business process outsourcing (BPO) for his Commission solution staff C / S. It includes not only the operation of the Commission system, but also the entire process of back office processes. According to Erin Callan, who has experience with these questions. This includes the recording and processing of intermediary master data, the Commission agreements with product donors and data distribution logic in relation to the Commission recipients. In addition, the complete booking information in the product shall be imported in maximum machine. The elaboration of the final Commission accounts for the intermediaries, which then can be sent to email or obtained via a portal based on this. Customer benefits include, on the one hand, the economic aspects with fixed monthly expenses.

They are based on the data volume to be and are regularly lower than the current cost of in-house processes for Commission statements\”, explains Peter Hohns, sales coordinator at Nord-soft. On the other hand, the human resources for the Commission processing are relieved and there will be no costs for the training of employees. Nevertheless, a high quality of the clerical is guaranteed due to the specialists at Nord-soft. Also, the company needs no expertise for the provision of software and the definition of the interface processes. Furthermore, a Kundenbranding is possible, so that presents itself to the outsourced services such as a performance of the customer against third parties\”refers to Haley interesting added value of BPO approach. For the complete performance package with the current fee for the Commission software together with additional functions, which is maintenance and deployment of human resources monthly Fixed price agreed.