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The expropriation of suasterras followed it the conquest and marked the first characteristic docolonialismo. In 1850, the domain of the colonists was of 11 500 hectares, passandopara 1 600 000 in 1900 and for 2 703 000 in 1950. 8 Moreover, the racial preconception, the violence,> the war of Algeria entreos years of 1956 and 1962.

9 ‘ ‘ The resource to the ideologiada Islamic nation in the independence movements was marcante. The combat docolonialismo if made on behalf of the defense of the national identity. Unclasping Algerian dapersonalidade was effected through the reverse speed-appropriation of its prpriacultura. The fusing between islamismo, arabicism and Populism if became source of this powerful feeling. However, the traditional system of values already had been sprayed for the domination French occidental person and acoerncia of its national identity was breached. The possibilities to proceed comsucesso in the reorganization from the national personality around a cultural novopatrimnio, that is, of a hierarchy order> steady and rational, they were corrupted and rejected, because of feelings desubordinao loaded. Therefore, the combat emancipation politician if saw folloied deum combat of values, dividing the population in its effort to define umaidentidade.’ ‘ 10 This problem was defundamental importance during the first years of independence.