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Seek Time

It is the parameter fundamental to measure the life utility of the device. POH (Power on hours – Hours ignited). She is one estimation of the number of hours that the disc could be ignition annually. Although also it appears in hours per days of the week. For example. Discs exist 24 (hours) xs 7 (days of the week) that is to say, that can be continuously encedidos. Temperature (Room temperature of operation). According to the type of disc usually it is in ranto between 0 and 60 degrees.

Outside those ranks normally the disc is not operative. The ideal temperature of work could be between 20-25 reason why all representative variation, mainly to the rise, will influence of negative form in the MTBF. It could be interesting to add some type of refrigeration to the disc if it were considered necessary. You power failure that brings about interruptions in the feeding of the discs, to use them during more hours of those than for which they were made (POH), or to maintain them working to high temperatures will influence negatively in its MTBF and therefore in their life utility. In order to verify the state of our discs we could habitually monitor them by means of what is called technology SMART acronym of " Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology" and that comes implemented in the majority of present discs due to its great utility. It consists of the capacity of the disc to self-detect internal failures, allowing to the user the power to take the opportune measures before a non-recoverable loss of data takes place. The BIOS the motherboard also must allow its activation. Between the most important parameters that they are possible to be monitored in the disc they are: Temperature of the disc (Temperature), Frequency of read errors (Raw Read Rate Error), Time necessary to begin to turn (spin-up Time), Accountant of sectors reasignados by defects (Reallocated sector count), Time search and positioning (Seek Time performance), Frequency of errors search (Seek Rate Error), Frequency of write errors (Write Rate Error), Efficiency of the disc (Throughput performance), Number of hours passed in operation (Power-on hours), etc.

The disc stores so much the present values of the parameters like the optimal thresholds of operation below which, following the importance of the parameter, it is important to take some measurement from precaution like for example backup, or to even consider the urgent cloning of the disc for its substitution. In order to verify parameters SMART of discs some of the following gratuitous programs can be used: Speedfan (almico). This software for Windows besides providing information on the temperature of the component interns of the computer also provides information on parameters SMART of discs. Very recommended! Smartmontools (sourceforge). Software to monitor discs in surroundings linux. Really, elije well the hard disk, according to your needs, in which you will store the information and monitors its state regularly to prevent losses. Original author and source of the article.