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Most often, such as 'brainstorming' end with trite: for men – gifts khaki, women – five of tulips in his hands. And the holiday table. We offer a creative approach to the tradition of celebration. In a crisis, as never becomes relevant as a party in his own office. Organization of congratulations in your office will significantly reduce costs. In addition, activities in the office require initiative and active participation staff, interesting findings from the organizer. Such an approach would rally the team, to get positive emotions, that dramatically affect the outcome of the whole.

We propose to use experience of our staff and to organize greeting at the office. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Home Depot. Here are a few options for the conceptual solution of congratulations: Song-gift. Performed by employees. To create a variety of congratulatory number of working professionals: The author of texts Arranger Sound Stage Director (if necessary choreographer) At the end of performances each employee receives a gift CD with recording of the song. There are two options: 1.

Recording in the studio staff. 2. Writing professional vocalists in the studio. Sommelier. Our sommelier will tell you interesting facts about the history of drinks, talk about the culture of drinking in different countries, show useful accessories and share the tricks of a professional taster. Can wine tasting, whiskey, brandy. Talk about the noble and intelligent tasting beverages helps relieve the stress of labor and improve the climate in the team. Cinema. The movie was made about the company, which includes information on general developments, and humorous interviews with staff. If you have saved videos from the last corporate holidays, the most interesting moments can be built in the new film, to remind staff how it was. To recreate the atmosphere of the cinema, you can print copies of tickets and give their employees at the office entrance. In the hall equip screen and projector, and on each chair to hang a sign with a number. At the entrance to usher will check tickets, hand out the traditional attributes of the cinema. Singing Company! Your team has a love for singing? Then program, "Singing the company!" is what we need you. For your office we will bring a big plasma screen TV and karaoke. After that there will be only to call colleagues, and the festival can be regarded as open. Witty will lead a show with your participation. The program nomination, staged a musical, fun contests and a lot of music.

Mens Day Gift

Probably everyone remembers the words of a children's song: "Of what, what does, what does our boy done?". And the answer is you remember? "Because of the spines, shells and green frogs, so this made the boys!". And as a good as mussels and frogs they already complete, as a gift to the World Men's Day (1st Saturday of November, November 1 to 2008), all this "wealth" does not consider, and try to find that they will appreciate more green frogs. Remembered children's song without difficulty, but everyone knows aphorism German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: "This man child is hidden that wants to play." Echoes and the American politician and writer, Claire Luce, "House of man – his strength, but only outside. Inside it's mostly a children's room.

" You've probably already starting to guess what gifts you can please your "big kid"? For example, lead to the delight of his large-scale models of cars can be, collectible model airplanes and helicopters, military equipment, prefabricated buildings and figures, the railways of room size, all kinds of parts and accessories needed to create them. If you are not superstitious, then will be a wonderful gift souvenir weapon. As a rule, you can find an appropriate legend to such a gift. Here is a legend to the "Sword of the Warrior." "With the help of the god Hermes, Achilles crafts forged a new helmet, armor and sword. On the hilt of the sword he caused his image and his friend. Brandishing a sharp sword, he rushed to the attack on the enemy, and the Trojans at the sight of him fled, hoping to find salvation outside the walls of his fortress.

Russian Technology

"Diamonds of memory" – the so-called diamonds artificially created from the ashes of a deceased person. It should be noted that distinguish the "brilliant memory" of other synthetic diamonds is just no way it can do No professional. While the world's only two companies producing high-quality custom-made synthetic diamonds from the ashes of the departed – the Swiss and American Algordanza LifeGem. At the same time Swiss Diamond of deceased relatives produced based on technology developed in the suburban town of Troitsk in the 'Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials' (FSI 'TISNCM'). Russian Technologies, the production of synthetic diamonds – Precious stones, their properties are practically no yielding natural crystals – are considered the best in the world. To lay thus obtained diamonds do not differ from natural ones.

They are the same firm, have the same structure and just shine. A professional can distinguish synthetic from natural stone only with special equipment. 'Algordantsa' bought Russian technology. On the Web site 'Algordantsa' can read the story about how lucky chance brought novice entrepreneurs with the Swiss director TISNCM, Professor Vladimir Blank. Vladimir Davidovich Blanc – Professor, Doctor Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Director of Federal State Institution "Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials" (Federal TISNCM).

Chairman of the City Council of Troitsk, Moscow area. Blank VD is the general secretary of All-Carbon Society, a member of the American Physical Society. Professor, Department of Materials Science of Semiconductors Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. C 2004 – Vice-Chairman of the Working group on preparation of inter-agency "concept of development of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in the Russian Federation for the period from 2005 to 2010.." Research new ultrahard materials synthesized from C60, exceeding its hardness diamond, which were held under the supervision of D. Blanc, formed the basis of new scientific and tehnologicheskoogo areas – synthesis of materials in nanoklastenyh under high pressures and temperatures. Three times elected to the Legislative Assembly of Troitsk, is currently its Chairman on a voluntary basis. The author 82 scientific articles and 7 patents, 70 abstracts of international conferences. Veteran of Labor, was awarded the medal "In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow" was repeatedly awarded with diplomas and celebrated gratitude. In general, the process of turning the dust died in the diamond looks like. After signing the contract the customer pays 50 percent of the cost of services. If the stone size ranged from 0.4 to 1 carat, the price ranges from 3,000 to 12,000 euros. Thereafter in 'Algordantsu' of crematorium ashes of the deceased are brought and conducted physical and chemical analysis of ash. This is necessary in order to monitor the growth of diamond and its color. On the other hand, protocol analysis is evidence that the stone was once a person or animal (from pets, too, bought diamonds). For the production of diamond carat enough 500 grams of ash. What remains can be returned to the customer or recycled 'in steam'. Sometimes, on request, made several crystals. The transformation process is carried out in two stages. Ashes of being incredibly high pressure in 50 – 60 000 bar at temperature of 1500 degrees C. According to White, Brimer, the production of diamond goes from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the size of the crystal. On request, you can put on the "diamond of memory" special mark of distinction – the mark with name of the deceased and the date of his death. You can only look at it under a microscope. This technique – also TISNCM development. Jewelry Site