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Diverse Island

The tourist magnet in the Mediterranean each year attracts visitors from all over Europe in his spell in Cyprus, the islands between the two continents, is one of the most extraordinary destinations in Europe. Geographically it belongs to Asia, politically but to Europe. Culturally, the island is divided. While the North of the island is part of Turkey, the South fits in the Greek culture. This special cultural mix makes the island today. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, with a length of 225 km and a width of 90 km. The unofficial capital is nicotine in the center of the island.

Its southern location with a unique good climate of the island. There are around 300 days of sunshine a year. Thus, the island is both a winter and a summer tourist destination. Cyprus is considered to be one of the warmest regions in Europe, with warm water temperatures and a Mediterranean climate. Not only the pleasant climate attracts tourists to the island, also scenic, there is much to discover in Cyprus. The Troodos Mountains in the Interior of the country is particularly appealing.

The highest mountain this mountain range is the Olympos with almost 2000 metres. The mountains of volcanic origin invites thanks to pleasant temperatures in summer as in winter to hiking. Rare animals such as Eagles, foxes, and the last wild Cyprus Mouflon in the wild can be seen on these tours. Also true cultural pearls are hidden in the mountains, unique barn roof churches belonging to the cultural heritage of the UNESCO. But not only in the mountains to the sea, there is much to discover in Cyprus. The beaches on the island are particularly appealing. White sand, turquoise sea and secluded coves here is guaranteed every holiday dream true. You can find a natural spectacle of a special kind in the Lara Bay. Here, every year thousands of turtles lay their eggs and for crawling on the beach. Eternal youth promises a prohibited swim at the baths of Aphrodite. The blue basin lure her visitors in search of eternal youth here for centuries. To spend his holiday individually and far from mass tourism, it is recommended its holiday on to spend a holiday home in Cyprus. Holiday homes can be rented here cheap. Can his vacation rentals in Cyprus in direct beach proximity or book a little further inland.