I think then in the spring and the many floradas ones that they are for coming, I acquire forces and I follow in front. The dew drops that slide throughout its trunk, flamboi, are as the tears that insistently roll for my face when relembro the lived sad moments already. The shade with that you to all presenteia, indistinctly, represent the words of comfort, alento and optimism with that I must presentear my next one; you show to me that I do not have to be egoistic, but you must distribute with my fellow creatures a little of what I am and what I have. As well as he sees, flamboi, he obtains to remove of the ground the seiva that it of the sustenance, also I need to remove of the life all the good examples; as you were one day planted and cultivated, I must plant good seeds and also cultivate inside of me noble feelings as the love, the friendship, the fraternity, justice and the gratitude; as well as you it needs land, rain and sun the sufficient to also remain itself so vioso, thus necessary of my next one, therefore I am a gregrio being e, consequently, incapable to live isolated. Its falling leaves that are taken to lu for the wind and not more return, are as the treasons, offences, maledicncias and injuries for me received, which I must allow that they fly for distant good, until total they are wasted in the infinite Flamboi, I observe the firmness of its roots and think then that equally firm it must be my faith, therefore it is the compassing guides that me, making with that I continue my I walk without thinking about giving up, although the innumerable obstacles that appear unexpectedly. As well as you it receives and it absorbs all the energy of the solar light keeps that it healthful, I must also be receptive to the chances that the life offers to me to make the good and to extend the hand to that they need my aid. As well as its twigs they bailam slowly to the rhythm of the soft breeze, I want to leave myself to pack for the reconfortantes dreams purest and. As well as you me listening, quiet and patient, I must hear a little more the people who of me if approach; to the times, due to time or even though for disinterest, I am incapable to give to these people a little of the attention that they need.

Ahead of everything this, flamboi, I arrive at the conclusion of that you are for me a beautiful example of life. You already supported innumerable difficulties throughout all its existence, but he continues vigorous sheltering, me in its shade inspiring, me and packing my dreams. No matter how hard the time pass, you is not degnerated; its satiated twigs are strong and safe, ready arms to protect me and to shelter me when I to need a little of consolation and shelter. Suddenly, a strident racket interrupts my thoughts suddenly; eye around and I see revoada of birds if approaching to flamboi. Certainly they come to the search of a safe shelter for the night that if it approaches

The Ranch

It was reclineed against the pillows, with one brown blanket with edges wine color covering it until the waist. With respect and shyness for being invading a close environment, I stopped the bed at one’s feet. – Good day, lady! My name is Ernest. I came to deal with the purchase of the land that is of its property. My master already was here speaking with Mrs. The woman made a gesture with the hand. – She feels yourself. I turned over looks it of a seat when Vilma appeared with a chair.

– It is the will. It said and left the room. – Vilma is a good friend. Leonora said, in a soft tone. – It was not itself I would be alone here, passing difficulties! The artrite has attacked me and I almost cannot make nothing! Vilma has come to make the lunch, to arrange the house and when it can, it sleeps here. But, it has the family, the house of it to take care of. I do not have conditions to contract a house servant! I shook the head in signal of that it was giving attention and understanding its words. Leonora continued: – My son is for arriving at any time and it goes to take account of everything.

But, you said that she wants to buy the house? – Not lady, the land to the side. We intend to open a bookstore Leonora arranged the pillows and came back to lean itself. – I liveed in a ranch, before coming to here. My son, Carlitos, were born there, in a rainy night. When I started to feel pains of the childbirth, my husband came to the city to search the doctor. The wagon finished falling in a stream and Alfredo died drowned. Carlitos was born with the aid of the woman of the foreman of the ranch.