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Sylt Video For The Short Trip To The Island

For all that want to satisfy longing for “their” island, is fortunately Sylt Sylt videos you love it now or never. Alone the geographical location is a space setting characteristic of Sylt, is the largest island in North Frisia the island after all. Live on by something less than 100 square kilometres of 20,000 people; a number of course allowing fallacies with regard to the actual life of the island. Sylt is one of the most popular destinations in all of Germany? Each year it attracts nearly a million visitors before the coast of Schleswig-Holstein, approximately seven million tourist nights are the result. The reasons for this popularity are of different nature and composed in its entirety to a comprehensible holiday offer.

Party, beach and chic: day and night in the North Sea. Tourism is thriving especially in summer, which is not only due to the high average temperatures, but also on the exposed sea position and kilometre-long, bright sand beaches. These are usually good in the warmer months populated by tourists from all over the world who make themselves comfortable in the famous beach chairs. Like all German holiday Islands, Sylt beaches offer many specific sections where the nude sunbathing and swimming is possible. This is not one of the main reasons for the popularity of Sylt, but for many holidaymakers a nice addition but quite. As the map shows actually the peculiarity of Sylt alone: with the 40 kilometre-long West Beach, which are ENT runs the entire North South extension on the West side of the island, these more than clearly shows its character as a beach and sunny island.

If the tourists finally move away from the long sandy dunes, the second part of the day begins. This is characterized by an extensive night life with many exclusive bars, restaurants and discos, where the celebration lasts often up late into the night. This concerns in particular the cultural strongholds Westerland and Kampen, which alone make up a major part of the Sylter soul. Need proof? Sylt videos (www.youtube.com/ user/sylt64) to deliver him. A part of the world with such popularity is understandably also extensively documented. So many videos about life on the island, with all sides and aspects of the culture of the island can be found in the Internet. In addition to numerous videos on the relevant video as portals on the Web especially special websites dedicated to the island of Sylt popular starting points in the search for the video on the dream island. Also in this case, the bandwidth is large; In addition to recordings of the beaches, the gastronomy, the life in the villages as well as major festivals and events via video be considered can. Company Description Sylt TV is a news portal for the island of Sylt. In addition to current news, pictures and videos, also goods and services around the island are offered. Company contact: Sylt TV wolfgang rolke Brokhauser route 46 26160 bad Zwischenahn Tel: 04413802801 E-Mail: Web: