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State Real Estate Cadastre

According to initial data Rosnedvizhimost in our country 112 million in real estate. Now talk about Rosreestra that they are approximately 60-70 million. In the State Real Estate Cadastre accounted for only 6% of this amount (). So the fourth condition was also not observed. 5. Russian law does not require that declaration of prices of real estate transactions, so they are not appraisers.

Some of the information on transaction prices is based in the Fed. However, this information is, first, closed, and, secondly, not reliable, since in order to reduce the tax property owners reduce these prices (the experience of price deals in Sochi). The fifth condition is not satisfied. 6. At present the Russian budget system is made so that the main Property tax is a tax on property of organizations (over 70% of all property taxes) and he goes to the regional budget, from which partially goes to the local budgets in the form of grants. Local budgets received only the land tax and personal property tax.

In accordance with the concept of the Ministry of Finance only these two taxes will be merged into the real estate tax. This tax will not cover the needs of local authorities in sustainable development of territories, and will be spent on current consumption. The sixth condition is not satisfied. 7. Democratic countries with market economies can not exist without a developed system of local government. This principle was laid down at us in the Constitution and elaborated in the Law of the Russian Federation on October 6, 2003 N 131-FZ "On General Principles of Local Government in the Russian Federation." However, the law in our country has not begun act as policy changed.