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Housing Scams

Sell or buy an apartment – always very risky, because is spinning a lot of money, and – cash. If a citizen wants to purchase a house, so he has money, but it's a tidbit for fraud. The situation is further complicated by the fact that buying an apartment is not easy. We have to look and see the options, refer to the people, and it is immediately known, and fraudsters. Currently, the scammers are usually very artistic, agile and use all the gaps of existing legislation to carry out their machinations.

To find an interesting option, the buyer is forced to ask relatives, friends, coworkers, etc., information that someone looking to buy a house, usually rapidly. The logic is that if looking for an apartment to buy, so the money he has. This information comes up and "housing" scam, which is not averse to profit and "Cheat" the buyer. Here are some tips: 1. Con artists often sell other people's property, take the money and "lost." To this trick fails, to find out: who is the owner selling the apartment.

Question – is not simple and if the buyer gets an apartment first, then the matter can not cope. And then it gets a "paw" fraudsters. Only one way out: to conclude a contract with a professional realtor. 2. Con artists are among the "Lzherieltorov." Output: no contract with a private realtor, and with a solid real estate agency. 3. Con artists often sell the same apartment several times, cheating with each customer. (Source: TTSI). Yield: do not buy housing which resold several times. 4. Fraudsters can offer the following: specify in the contract of sale amount less than actually sold an apartment. To this proposal can not go in any case, because in case of trial, the court will deal only on the amount specified in the contract. Life as we know, is not standing still. "All – flowing, everything – is changing." But on the other hand, the "better safe – than sorry." Know some of the ways fraud in the purchase and sale of real estate – even very helpful ….