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During the operation has not been established regulatory mechanisms that are adequate to the task. Zone benefits from the tool modernize the economy and attract foreign investment turned into a disguised subsidy of certain regional groupings, and the method of primitive accumulation of capital, followed by its transfer abroad. The solution to this problem lies in transferring benefits to the regional level, and federal funds should be directed to sez in the form of directed credit and investment programs under the strict control center. The financial problems of sez added also the problem of confidence in the government guarantees the loans, the problem creditworthiness of domestic financial institutions. When listing the socio-economic problems of Russian sez should not forget that each area has its own well, the individual, which, however, consonant with both common to all the sez, and with the nation-wide.

The problem of high transport costs is common for sez Kaliningrad region and finds them in mind a particular geographic location. At the same time it depends on the nationwide problem of high tariffs on transportation. Among individual issues can also note the lack of energy in some of the fez, the inadequacy of their own resource base, economic issues of large core enterprises, the lack of competitiveness of domestic goods in duty-free imports, and many others. Designated range of problems that accompany development and functioning of sez in Russia would be incomplete without mention of their geopolitical aspect. Given the unstable political situation, both domestically and abroad, there are grounds for the erection of such problems among the presenters.