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Free Business Account

Free business account also for freelancers and self-employed persons self-employed and freelancers essential is a business account, so business clean of private transactions are separated and the accounting can be done correctly. The market meanwhile also free accounts are offered. Disadvantage of often well-known business accounts is that most cost exorbitant fees. It business but also otherwise. As two of the best offers on the Geschaftskontenmarkt show. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Film Financer. These are to the asset account of the Altenburger Skat Bank and on the other hand the Cronbank extra account. The accounting is done over the Internet. Transfers can be performed online so.

The account statements are then printed out for the accounting on your own PC. The asset account business of Skat Bank there in addition to the free accounting even a credit interest rate of 1 percent p.a.. The Maestro / EC card there for a small fee of 5.00 euro per year. This can on all machines of the Volks – and Raiffeisen banks Money can be withdrawn. Also, there is a credit card, whose Vorzuge can be used free of charge from an investment amount of $ 5,000.00. There is more information about the account under… . The second offer in the Geschaftskontenbereich comes from the Cronbank.

The extra account accounting costs only 5,00 euro a month. Online banking as well as standing orders and account statements are then free of charge. An interest rate of up to 1.50 percent is p.a. possible balance. One clearly all conditions to get under… . At the Kontenvergleich is also important to make sure the business account is intended for who. Because some banks offer special accounts roughly for lawyers, notaries, accountants, doctors or accountants or are limited to a region.