Spiritual, higher, divine, never going to abandon; they call our attention with more or less intensity, or with more or less regularity, but they do not continue in its efforts, because it is a need almost as vital as breathing. We can hide that concern with the distraction by the financial goals achieved, with the apparent happiness of power or the social status, with parties and gifts, but not be outvoted because they know that it is not what fully satisfies the person, and because they know that the significance is more important than the immediate, and that satisfaction which produces a step forward on the path of spirituality is not comparable to any else: it is more durable, more solid, more intimately satisfactory. Discards, for example, find me with God face to face if what you think is in the bearded man with fantastic and unlimited powers that can do a magic to it that will cause you wonderment. Discards ascend to the heavens to check that everything they say is true. You have the power to do miracles bulky discards. Be realistic and think of as possible.

You can see God in any bird or dawn. God you may be in prayer, or a shiver in an undeniable way. You can ascend to heaven within you. You can perform miracles whenever you want. Be at peace is spiritual. Being honest is spiritual. Help your neighbor is spiritual. Pray or have healthy thought is spiritual.

Spirituality is not only in the churches and Religion. It is much more everyday. Or, if still you don’t feel it as well, you must be on a daily basis. You have to talk about it and feel it on a daily basis. You have to share it with naturalness that others feel the same way. You have to do it one way or model of life. Only if you so want, of course.