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Climatic Equipment

Cause of insomnia and broken state in summer is high temperature. This will help avoid installation of HVAC equipment, which carries out air conditioning. This complex processes carried out in order to process and get air certain parameters, mainly a certain temperature and humidity. For residential and office space used only the so-called comfort air conditioning, whose task is to create optimal conditions for work and leisure. Mode of operation of HVAC equipment is determined by weather conditions. In the summer of air being processed cooling and drying, and in winter – heat and moisture. With year-round conditioning, these circuits are connected. In each mode, in addition, the air is cleaned of dust and harmful gases, and ventilation in buildings.

These units can be operated entirely by outside air or a mixture of outside air with recirculated. Household window air-conditioners is a type of so-called autonomous installed in window openings small rooms up to 25 m2. They have outer and inner compartments separated by a partition. The first of these, being outside, includes a hermetically sealed rotary compressor, a condenser air cooling extender and an electric motor with an axial fan for blowing the capacitor. In the inner bay, posted in the room, installed a tubular air cooler (evaporator), a filter for air cleaning from dust centrifugal fan, through which the air circulation in the room and thermostat to automatically turn on and off the refrigeration unit, depending on air temperature. They operate as the summer air-conditioning, ie, the air they cool and partially dried. The premises through the filter it is sucked by the centrifugal fan, is fed to the air cooler, in contact with which it is cooled and partially dried, and then pumped through the articulated lattice in the building.

Cooling of the condenser is carried out by atmospheric air, which through the side slit outer compartment axial fan is sucked from the street and sent to the surface of the capacitor. In the septum separating the compartments, there is a gate through which establishes a necessary relation between the outer and recirculating structure. Today, went on sale a completely new types of HVAC equipment – mobile air conditioners. They are of two types: single units and split systems. This powerful machines that are compact size and attractive appearance. They are used in the home, as well as in the workplace, both in summer and in winter. Monoblocks did not require installation. These mobile air conditioners are installed near from windows or doors. This is necessary in order to help with. Flexible corrugated hose display outside the heated air. Usually it is necessary in the summer time. The design of split-systems is different in that it consists of two units, which are connected with a flexible hose, where all the electrical and communications more freon tubes.