She may think that you are competing with your MOM, or worse, is depending on your MOM. And this is not for nothing in their favor. ** Not to criticize it when it is putting effort this is the worst thing you can do. If she sees your not you value your effort and only criticize it, you would feel disappointed. I thought that you don’t appreciate it.

So you must emphasize that effort and offer help to make this work. Here, Technology author expresses very clear opinions on the subject. * Never tell if your family don’t like if you don’t like your family, is better not say it. The reality indicates that she will get angry and will feel very insecure. This will create problems in the future and tension between her and her family. All you can do is make clear that his family knows whom has chosen and that they have to respect their decision. ** Not mention you nothing of your ex unless she ask. Never ever compare your quotation or things that make together, with things that pretended with an ex. Something painful is to her see that you’re still thinking in another.

In addition, never compares it with your ex in bed. You may feel frustrated to believe that another was better in bed. No woman likes being compared to another, in any aspect. ** Not you boast of bad things that you have done in the past if she does not know something bad, it is better to keep your mouth shut. For example, if you tell him that you have cheated in the past, you will have a totally bad about you opinion, and also think that you can fool her also. Thus, these things do not must disclose. * Never tell that a soccer game is most importantly for you even if it is an important match, not tell you leave quiet at that time because you’re busy with something interesting and that has no time for her.