In a healthy body is a healthy mind who learn a lot, need proper food. The classic, fat trail mix shows what matters at the spiritual usage. Contrary to its name, but nowadays also like is consumed by non-students. But what really eat students beyond their desktop, and what goes into Germany’s canteens over the counter? looked the academics on the plate. Not only for professionals, also in the field of education and campus of the factor is time in the foreground. Fast food and little effort is the criterion for the student shopping list. For this reason the food in the cafeteria for many of the daily routine is: no supermarket visit, no dishes, no dirty dishes, and all at an affordable price. Short distances, because in close proximity, and still offers always reichhalterigeres there are more arguments hardly for a permanent visit of Mensa.

Especially the selection leaves nothing to be desired. Kenneth R. Feinberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Finally, students are quite picky concerning the choice of food. The dusty canteen atmosphere of the 1990s three times is already passee meat dish with potatoes. Meanwhile, outdo each other with beautiful glass and domes the German canteens and offer even organic, vegtarisch and vegan at. Finally, feed on many students very health conscious and access like to particularly in the area of Humanities and social sciences – organic meals.

The canteens have long recognized the trend and adapt their offering. So it is little wonder, then, that the food industry has the young academics as a popular audience in the eye. Still, however, the most popular dish is schnitzel in all variants. Followed closely by chips, pasta and potatoes the breaded Wiener meat dish ends up most often on the plates of hungry students. When you at home cooked, then mostly in good company and great round. Especially the weekends are used extensively for common cooking events at where the last week of uni Revue happens is allowed. Restaurant visits are, however, rare, because the student budget in most cases is still too narrow. More information: company /… GmbH Lisa Neumann