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Accounting but is still considerably more complex. Accounting, Dunning, accounting, cost accounting, liquidity planning, etc. are a challenge that impossible can cope unaided for founder. Especially since it is already hard enough alone on the basis of its actual core competencies to set up a business in. Most of them only with competent accounting support can do it, so how I can do. A balance sheet accountant for the middle class and for all Germany is Rudi Klostermann for founders in the metropolitan area of Hamburg (but not only there) a leading balance sheet accountant address. Where is the native Bayer not only for founder of the Savior in the paper war emergency.

Companies in the small – and medium-sized businesses contact for problems related to cost accounting & co. in the short term the sympathetic choice hamburger, which made the reason: lack of personnel. “It is not easy for companies from the middle class and for small companies, fast good, reliable balance sheet accountant for the company to find reports Rudi Klostermann. In such cases I’m covering, to the human resources gap and to ensure that cost accounting, business incident booking and additional items are handled without. Anything but patchy is the performance spectrum that provides balance sheet accountant Rudi Klostermann for founder, small businesses, freelancers and clients from the middle class: I’m an all-rounder who is shying away from any challenge is cost accounting or controlling and difficult topics with high proficiency can tackle.

Also my clients benefit from over 30 years of professional experience with cost accounting, Debitorenmangement and payroll. Integrity that almost most important property for balance sheet accountant a whole other property which may cause Rudi Klostermann in the field is even more important for start-ups, SMEs and other customers but: trust. Accountant I get as balance sheet through cost accounting and other activities inevitably knowledge of operations that don’t would entrust some of my clients their doctor. Therefore, integrity for me is the number 1 in all properties, an excellent balance have accountants. Professional competence and humanity make complete this range. And mean jahrzehntelanger success proves I unite all these skills in me. “This combination is not only for founder, mid-market, small companies and lone attractive from Hamburg. Rudi Klostermann serves customers from all over Germany: In the age of E-Mail, this remote care is organizationally no problem. And wish my customers can send to with even cartons of documents because I like to bring order in. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact: Rudi Klostermann Soltau ring 8 21079 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 76 89 92 76 fax: 040 / 94 79 43 71 mobile: 0160 / 97 60 77 48 E-Mail: rudi.klostermann at rk-buchfuehrungsservice.de Web: press contact: PR bee of Reimund Bertrams, Kerstin Miehle Reisser 02306-85 07 92 or 0173-8955630 prbiene.blogspot.com boiler plate / portrait of the company for over 30 years involved Rudi Klostermann as Chamber of Commerce certified balance sheet accountant. During this period he could acquire a high reputation in all responsibilities incurred in the course of balance sheet accounting: booking ongoing transactions, cost accounting, payroll accounting, controlling, accounts receivable management, success evaluation, liquidity planning, business planning and v. a. m. Supervised by his adopted homeland Hamburg Rudi Klostermann customers from all over Germany, especially founder, SMEs, freelancers and self-employed workers. Rudi Klostermann attaches particular importance to a harmonious and strong trust relationship with all its customers.


Do you like “A Sicilian can refuse his daughter on the day of the wedding not a request” of the film “The godfather”? I’ve seen him several times. It is a good idea, so simple to solve its problems. It needs an explanation only the godfather. But you didn’t know what you had for the service to pay. When it comes to your company, what would you ask Don Corleone? IT outsourcing is like the godfather for your company. If you have any problems – come and entrust this us.

Too much paperwork, routine work, data storage, lack of time for learning new complex software, chaos in the customer database of the customer contacts, lack of customer-specific solutions, bad control… Let us know your problems! These and other problems are solved by IT outsourcing! The important thing is to know what you want – just like in the movie. And we will make you an offer you can not refuse! Because the benefits of IT outsourcing: 1 cost benefits – especially for offshore outsourcing. 2 Automation of business processes (buisiness processes), which were carried out up to date manually. 3.

use of know-how and experience, the service provider gained ICH gel projects; 4. you can concentrate their forces on your main activity; 5. fixed costs become variable costs. Rather than to afford an own IT Abteilumng, you order your software development in case of need; 6 staff reduction (save employee); 7. output control – the requirements are adapted to the budget; 8 Internationalization of your company; 9. using of modern technologies; Finally, you must decide whether and how you want to use IT-outsourcing. Consider the possibilities in your company and you benefit from the experience of competitors – select the services that you outsource to and seek a foreign partner!