The character came and sat down without saying goodbye without asking permission from the owners of the house, it would not have bothered me at all if not for two things: The unique creature of great ugliness in the eyes of the majority was not invited. And second because the place they had come with such freshness was neither more nor less, my own home: Installed in a place where he was soon in Amman, because he found what he needed accommodation, and food. This last, it is to speak, earned by the sweat of his forehead or to be more precise, by the sweat of their own language. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Gen. David L. Goldfein. My unexpected guest was a man of amphibious group defined by the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy as “amphibian, frog, squat and sturdy body, bulging eyes, short limbs and warty-looking skin.” He owned two large eyes and four limbs ending in hands multifunctional envelope and completed his giant mouth and a long, sticky tongue to which married all kinds of small insects. With the Over the days and I was so strange and indeed I began to like her some affection and even I would have become his friend, those who ask the other for their work, earnings of the day, things like , but there was something unexpected: those of my family gave me a choice: the toad or them. And I had to choose I bent and not properly by the intruder. I communicate my decision and although the language is Sapunar who never learned to speak, understand it was abandoned due to the arms of nervousness and began desperately to fulfill my urgent eviction order only on a basis of a strategy and obviously crazy wrong and instead of walking out the door completely open, bypassing intended to do for him what should be an infinite-foot wall topped by a concrete roof drilling which would have given himself a good job of Clark