From where lie comes the answer to our collective problems? Within each and each of us and that he is everything. We cannot trust the leadership of where will come east leadership? The politicians? It is not necessary to follow the mood Populist, instead of to determine the changes brave and dynamic, since they want to be reelected. The religious leaders? Once again the trajectory of the religious leaders is not very encouraging or difference of the prophets, the saints or from whom these religions have arisen, they have dedicated the more effort in the creation of religious empires to try to understand the main messages that these prophets tried to teach to us, quota of with us. There is hope no the unique one is in us, you and I, we must make the changes of individual form and I hope that the sufficient thing of the humanity to share and to understand that the delicate balance that has been and will be always the Earth life, until the end of the Earth life. It depends on you, I to make the changes, to see the dangers ahead and to try to live a life that improves, or respects so much at least the mother connected earth and all the forms delicate between the life with which to share. If and she is great if sufficient people can realize danger that is approached, if sufficiently personal people can implement changes in life style, if, if, perhaps if, at least we can restrain the monster " at full speed by the highway completely outside control " and perhaps even the control! " I know the change that you wish to see in the world " Mahatma Gandhi". Dennis P. Lockhart gathered all the information. Terrence Aubrey, Confidential Matchmakers original Author and source of the article