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A friend of mine, first visited the West before retirement, according to her, was absolutely amazed at how people live thence retired. She told me that experienced this jealousy of the cheerful 'lucky' for living wide leg on the funds once invested in their old age security. From the point of view thoroughly dislocated Russian labor market, even those who today barely over 40, – five minutes 'superfluous people'. It's time to sum up preliminary results. Did I in the ongoing struggle for survival to realize their dreams? How much secured my old age? And I can bequeath to your children? Let us turn to the statistics. Today 70% of Europeans in addition to salary are several funding sources the family budget, to increase their savings, they invest them in securities.

58% of the U.S. population will invest part of their income in financial instruments ensure their safe and secure income. On average, 67.7% of Americans own and manage some real estate to generate income. About 18% of American families own some business or part of the business. At the same same time 95% of able-bodied Russians are employed. And only about 2 million (2.3%) are engaged in individual entrepreneurship.

Moreover, for 58.5 million Russians are the only means of existence miserable retirement age and social benefits. Only 300 000 (less than 0.4%) of Russians living off savings and income from securities and slightly more than 0.2% receive income from renting or leasing their property. Are we really do not find today nothing better than to work at several jobs and still barely make ends meet, and having retired, waiting for handouts from the state in the form of benefits and free medicines? After all, life income, stability and confidence in tomorrow today can not – and did not want to – give the employee any, even the most 'socially oriented' employer.

Who Needs Online Dating ?

Developing Internet services for organizations engaged in economic activities, often need to create a multimedia business card firms such as B2B (option-oriented economic actors, Eng. Business to business) or B2C (option for individual clients, Eng. business to customer). Experience has shown that only part of the activities carried out on the Internet, brings immediate profits. What sort of considerations guided the firm, unfold their storefront in spite of the fact that they do not provide financial gain? Part of the organization perceive the Web-service as an additional way to interact with customers and additional distribution channel.

Others see the Internet a means of creating a positive company image to potential customers visiting the websites. It should be noted that many initiatives related to creating a positive image of the firm, focused on young Internet users. Therefore, even if in terms of accounting at the moment the Internet is related only to the cost, in the long term it may be that such an investment funds (investment) lead to competitive advantage in the industry. Along with many companies and individual clients seeking to have their own storefront. Appointment of their diverse – from the presentation or publication of the family collection of photos before submitting personal work and achievements.

There are also collectors of addresses of interesting resources on the network that are eager to share the information collected from other Internet navigators. Web-page is enough says a lot about its owner, in particular about his interests and preferences. Diligently prepared a page can be family and friends, but can the skill in this field to help make professional career? In this case, do not mean Web-based career, since it is obvious that customer, employing Web-page developer, will certainly be interesting to get acquainted with his works, is located in network. It turns out that e-mail addresses and Web-pages in the autobiography and other documents of applicants, generate enough favorable impression on employers. The experience of many people making career suggests that a good way to attract the attention of the employer, an application to the usual documents and recommendation pismam.yu prepared on paper, a small CD-business cards. On a disk the size of a classic user can, along with the electronic version of the documents and write their own web-page. Creating an interesting web-service is in itself an achievement but about the present success of Web-master can only speak if its web pages properly recognized by search engines, which in turn leads to an increase in the number of visits to these pages. The question arises why the number of visits to Web-pages is perceived as a measure of the popularity of Internet service. Well, firstly, because it is easy to calculate the amount, easy to interpret, and it is an objective indicator. Secondly, the unit for which the fee on the sale of advertising space on the internet is usually the number of ad impressions (eg, banner), located on the surface.