" Our everyday life, today, is a large school of violence, we have to digest plant seeds of non violence. There must be permissive to human behavior, to cinema, television, but until that line that separates good from evil. Vaclav Havel (politician and playwright) once wrote: "Tolerance begins to be a weakness when he begins to tolerate the intolerable things, when you begin to tolerate evil." "Unfortunately there is no mathematical computer can set the border (…)." Television is a medium of mass communication at the global level and in almost every household there are, today, two or three devices. It comments, talk, is discussed … all seen in different programs, whether more or less importance. (Inside the world of television growing every day soap operas, sitcoms, heart information " tabloids, having replaced the genre rose to black. And so, without doubt, are issues of privacy people into the public domain.

All this together and rewarded with thousands of euros, after telling lies upon lies that make the players end their troubles and confrontations in the courts of justice: libel, slander, personal attacks, etc..) The TV draws fashion. In the rush to soap operas, and tenders will be passed to the passion for domestically produced TV sitcoms and football. Thus, the boom that is taking the information from the heart, which can be framed in a change in trends in programming, imitation and competition strategies, taking into account the fragmentation of audiences. In this sense, at first glance, the genre replaced the black rose. Event programs were giving protagonismoa "in the programming grids " to these more cheerful and better prensaa "programs" gossip "a " full of nuances and words maligned (by insulting). a La Coruna, April 18, 2010 Copyright writer Mariano Cabrero a Review: Mariano Cabrero Barcena Madrid, 11/08/1938 Married, two children and lives in La Coruna (Spain) Writer, poet and essayist Officer of the State Administration / Executive scale, retired E-mail: Works: "Journalism: Dificil profession!, 1995" My commitment to journalism, 1998-Echoes of my youth, poems, 1994-Misc death, dreams and memories , poems, 1995-The reality of my silence, poems, 1997-The journey of life, poems, 2001 La Coruna, September 27, 2007