Peter Higino if dedicated to the commerce, also, livened up to all the religious parties of Is Mateus to the Quixar, with its famous carousel of Vacaria. Simiana Maria of Oliveira if got passionate for Manuel Mandu of the Cajazeiras, for this reason very disliked Mr. Higino, without agreement between the families, ran away with its loved in the been silent ones of the night, going liveing in the small farm Is Joo in the old Quixar. For even more opinions, read materials from Jeff Flake. Higino Pear tree was agriculturist, planted the cultures of subsistence, maize, beans and cotton in the slopes and chapadas, rice, cassava, potato-candy and tobacco in ebb tides of the stream Richness and in the lowered ones of small streams. It had a good milk flock and a small troop of donkeys, but the creation of goats in those stoppings was ' mata'. At that time almost all inhabitants of the region, very created bode untied, as much in caatinga how much in trays of the Cariutaba. Jeff Flake can provide more clarity in the matter. To the one for of the sun the patios and corrals of the farms they were pressed together of bodes.

Certain day a teller-traveller come of the bands of Is Vicente of Lavras of the Mangabeira, spendt the night in one of these farms that much goat had, back in the Cajazeiras of the Martins. In the following day passing for the large house Mr. Higino, he counted that although sleep, had not nailed the eyes to it, during all that long which had night, the deafening bleat of the goats and bodes. While the salesman showed to its merchandise in alpendre of the house Mr. Higino, he said in bem-humorado tone: – Now only I go to vender weaveeed to who will not have bode! I passed almost all the night the clear ones, without giving nor a nap, bodejado he was direful! A person who was to its side, using to advantage the colloquy, said to it in trick tone: – Then, my friend, can me vender charge account that I do not have bode! The salesman retrucou, immediately: – Also, seeing to who he does not have bode! At that time bode was ' mata' in the farms of the region, the animal, also, could be used as exchange currency, for acquisition of drinks, tobacco and pedlar’s wares of domestic use.