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Many people confuse the concept of structure and navigation. Navigation – this way, all sorts of ways to travel through the site. Ways to navigate – it’s buttons, menus, links, panels, arrows and so on. A structure – is a given, the hierarchy pages. Good navigation will not work with a bad structure. Sometimes it is better to rely on the collective mind.

If we are accustomed to see the user section under the title, and not otherwise, you will have to meet him. It’s believed that Nicholas Carr sees a great future in this idea. After all, finding something that is necessary, angry and disgruntled, the visitor will go to at least the original competitors. If this area is already developed some traditions go against them will be difficult. Be specific. Make sure that the name sections correspond to the content.

For example, the section “cat” should be renamed the section “sale cats,” if it refers to the sale of cats. “Cats” is also suitable, but “the sale of cats” because the more accurate. Well, we’re not talking about terms such as “my favorite striped friend” (a mattress? watermelon?). Get the most accurate. Check cause some words or abbreviations of some foreign associations, which can lead to confusion confusion and embarrassment. The quality of the organization section should be such that at first glance to the home page, it became clear in which direction to go. For example, on a site travel agencies can make sections like “rest in Europe “for those who are not identified with the country or to navigate the country for those who already knew that his dream – it’s Austria or Norway there. These simple criteria to enter the basis for easy navigation through the site. At the stage creation of a site should think no pages that you can fill out and eventually need to think structure sections. If you are used in some specific way to use the resources of the web, you hate the lower panel or do not notice the left, or you prefer to press the reset button or the browser you never go back to the home page by clicking on the logo … What all this does not mean that other, and perhaps even the majority, not different opinion. But your goal – to create a website for all, for many people. So many things need to test, test. Get yourself this Page “site map”, she arranges the sections and help with the promotion of a site in search engines. Thus, the main disadvantages of navigation – it 1.Nekorrektnoe name links sections 2.Gromozdkaya reference system, where links go too deep into the site. (For example, on the main page has a link to page, which in turn is a few more, etc.). 3.Zaputannaya illogical system of navigation bars. I think everyone can recall the desired section or page is such an incredible way, that sometimes you will reflect, may be hiding her special? 4.Zagromozhdennost homepage and much more!