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Metal doors undergo a process of creating metal alloys which are very similar to the production of safe doors. The differences found in some dissimilar areas of the application and that the entrance of the usual are asked not only considerable burglary rates, but also elegance. Accordingly, pursuant to the doors are complemented by various steps in the form of mounting panels made from larch or inlay forged elements. Also principled metallofurnitura and support elements – from the backlight to function for a pinhole camera. Metal doors are not forbidden to perform as unpolished other materials (simply painted or uncovered varnish), and veneer, finished with laminate flooring, treated with all sorts of panels and so on. For example, capital-metal door in the strict interior of any visibly no way differs from the old, which may found in the ancient manor – and still has stiffness nenizkoy insulation and soundproofing. You can personally verify this, every avenue doors. Entrance doors should generally be not only glib, but also protect the house.

Sami steel doors to break very badly because of the vault is really run. weak areas are locks and boxes in which unscrupulous contractors repeatedly save. Kopek lock can be compromised for some moments, as erroneously set box – stamped with the door (there were cases of fortifications on the door of the metal rope and ‘pulling’ it together with a box ordinary car). That way, it is necessary in due time to think about the safety of his front door, namely, to establish strong locks and to provide special pins on the box, stretching deep into the wall. Most better to think about this at the turn of the design, in a different way then need to perform quite tricky and expensive operation.

Castles, in turn, should be selected carefully. Lever locks on the metal the door actually had never knock out, but they can pick up the key for a fairly short period. Cylinder locks with the opposing party, stand out not weak level of privacy, but yet despite all can be knocked out by a well-aimed shock mount. Such as, for installation of a metal door should think of special safety equipment – and, quite likely, do both types of locks. Only remains to stay on strongly quality locks expensive – is this a smart option. Entrance doors must be insulated that it is necessary, because the inside metal door is filled rottizitovym insulator, providing warmth and comfort in the apartment.