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Motor Insurance

A damage, the consequences of fartale for your car insurance can have. Drivers who need to move your vehicle in snow and ice, to mount a tyre in accordance with the weather conditions. In your own interest you should equip therefore the vehicle winter admission with the necessary tires. This also applies to just short city journeys! The provisions of the road traffic arrangement are otherwise a fine, but even worse, the insurance company is able may itself the power to delete. Must you have installed winter tires in the cold season on German roads? There is not a general obligation for the use of winter tyres. About the road traffic regulations is only set that motor vehicles on ice, snow icy, slush, ice or frost smoothness of M + S should be tires on the road. The tires need according to weather conditions, a general time limit does not exist as well as to the part in other European countries. The tyre with the own mud and snow lettering or even snow flakes icon a special rubber that provides more grip on icy roads.

As well as for winter – and summer tires is the minimum tread depth of 1 to 6 mm, for winter tire professionals of min. 4 mm support a maximum age of not more than 6 years also. This is the rubber too hard and offers less grip on the road. For trips beyond the German borders, special caution is required because various neighboring countries have a ‘real’ obligation for winter tires! Solely the absence of the corresponding tire is able here to pronounced penalties result in, damage is done it is often costly! What specifications do our neighbors? In part, this is very different, you should inform yourself before driving. Enclosed an overview with the immediate neighbours. France: winter tires can be arranged through traffic signs. Italy: winter tires can be arranged through traffic signs.

Luxembourg: winter tyres are compulsory in winter roads. Austria: General winter tyres are compulsory. Fines of up to? 5,000.00! Czech Republic: winter tyres compulsory closed ice and snow cover. Pays a motor vehicle insurance, unless damage is caused without winter tires? A damage on snow – and ice-covered roads, the insurance industry will carefully, whether this incident with better tyres would have can be averted. The insurance industry comes to the conclusion that winter tires have been necessary, the insurance is raised the objection of gross negligence. In this way, the insurance company provides, that you have violated your duty of care, as has been understood each, that the correct tyres would have been necessary under these road conditions. Will pay the liability damage on the other side? It is plausible that a claimant can’t help it that the trigger has mounted no winter tires, therefore, an insurance industry this will always pay. But the Insurance company can take a recourse against the author (customers) and get back the payment! What is with the amount of claims (for example, full insurance)? There is a hull damage and the insurance company raises the objection of gross negligence, will make up for this a comprehensive damage according to the so-called quota system. This may cause a partial or even no performance of the insurance company. With a little luck, you have a good contract with the insurance industry in which it is agreed that the insurers waive the defence of gross negligence. Nevertheless, also there are tariffs that expressly exclude winter tyres unfortunately.