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Microsoft Excel

There are three methods that allow you to print formats already printed and only require fill it. Generally this task make it by hand or using a typewriter. But it is more safe and practical raipdo using microsoft excel-1. Create a grid mm and scan format and place it as a background. used in simple formats that don’t have many fields. examples contracts, minutes or similar. 2. Taking measures for each field: is the most powerful method as allows you to populate any formats by complex that is.

Is basa is the measure of each field in millimeters from to the top and left margins. This is done for each field. 3 Scanning format and fill the fields through text boxes, also very versatile and raoido recommended for those who have a good level of knowledges in excel. Requires minimal knowledge of Microsoft Excel as is a template is made only once and serves for the whole life if you change the format only requires small adjustments as it is a template I can fill out several formats at the time can protect cells, and stop only the filling to make the cursor jump only to fill fields can create formulas and calculations so that the fields are filled with form automatic can use bold in some fields and underlining to highlight at the time of print the format we use forms minerva to invoice, but you can purchase with other manufacturers and also serves you can get a copy to the original and you can print 2 copies ORIGINAL and Eraser I can send to make your stationery and using this template to systematize it saves a copy of the format in a database can be consulted a number of invoice in the case of the example can leave default in your template to avoid having to enter information makes the total value to letters (feature created by us) we provide support so that its format is optimum to fill it we have a lock in where we are going to convert our product on unique with your help because an excel template and not a program (because we can create from the more simple to the more complex) form I can split into multiple templates and print it can organize forms and each one of them having a database can protect the form and only with a key do you change can generate a row for your format and number of form automatic can extract the date of form automatic days, month, years, weeks applying functions of excel can do addition, subtraction, totals and any formula applicable to its form even can create his own formula can be accessed from a network in your template and print its format in a network printer can for example print the Original copy in a printer and the draft in another can print its format remotely using any connection program remota(Explicamos como hacer_lo) can print from your template on a remote printer (explain how to do it) questions asked of pre-printed EXCEL format do I have my pre-printed invoices serves me this solution?