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Liberate Your Mind

Free the mind and become a millionaire, as it may seem, but to make a choice to be rich one of the hardest in my life. If you look at a man walking to his millions, most of the barriers does not occur in business in which it is engaged, not production or investment issues, and psychological – his own mind and opinion surrounding the obstacles with which to fight the hardest. Since biblical times, the desire to become rich vied with the commandments of men and envy. You could be a successful trader, the owner of the land or estates, to be a significant political figure, but want money openly even then it was considered obscene. People in secret wanted to improve their financial situation, get rich, but set in the moral fabric of society was not allowed to openly talk about it. Money became the forbidden fruit, available only to the highest elected by the public.

The poor became more and more, and if the first time anyone in the best of my ability, could not resist this, the next generation has nurtured a cult of poverty, and millions of people permanently mired in poverty and want, like in a swamp of which it is impossible to escape. The cult of poverty, says: "If you were born poor, stay navsegda them! Rich selfish, evil, cruel! Money spoil a man break down the mind and body. " Who says so? And – this is your destiny! Not those Do people who are behind a crust of bread will betray neighbor? Do not those people who are ready for a sip of water to sell yourself? Poverty is terrible that hides a greater evil and cruelty, ready to manifest itself even at its most basic, animal levels in order to meet simple human needs.