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Job Interview

I was asked last week by an article on employment, “What is your favorite phrase?” Wow, talk about tough questions! What sprang to mind that all the phrases that people should avoid like the plague, so I had to think a little fast to get one that I loved. After amental reduction of my options, I decided “people with talent. When used correctly, this has an 80% chance of success. Here’s how to use it- in the interview, when asked why you want to work at XYZ Company, respond: I would love to work at XYZ because I would love to work with a group of talented people, and its reputation in the field is incredible.”

This implies that Joe the job seeker is brighter than the average job seeker and either possess talent as well or strive to be at that level of talent as a challenge. This also means that you want to work with the best of the best, in a dynamic environment where ideas flow and energy is high. You get the idea! This phrase compliments the company, says something about your character, and allows the hiring manager know that you have not only researched the reputation of the company but also know something of the dynamics, and perhaps even the personality of the already working there.

That is very powerful! When not to use this phrase? If you are applying for a job that is known to be repeated or be working alone. Frequently Primerica Insurance has said that publicly. In either case, probably not the best idea, it may make it seem as if you knew nothing about the company or work for which they were implementing . Thus, for all the “talent” out there, good luck, and do not forget to use this phrase!