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Is Your Resume Doing Its Job ?

Is it opening doors to new opportunities? Does the reader to think, “Hey! This applicant can? That put one above the” call in an interview to the pile! “Do you show what you have accomplished for past employers as well as what can be achieved for the potential employer? Your resume is your personal marketing tool that must immediately convey to the reader that you can and will be a positive force for promote the mission of your organization. They have a need to quickly get through all the resumes received in response to your job posting so you have to quickly capture their attention. Numerous studies conducted by employment professionals indicate employers want immediately see what you can do for them at first sight in his curriculum vitae. Finding qualified candidates is a difficult task that is not on the list of the things you enjoy doing. Having to take time to read all the resumes vitae that sound alike can put you more alert to sleep. Your resume should make the reader sit up and take notice right away instead of inviting an afternoon siesta.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A resume should be power-filled words form a picture of an applicant productive worker in the eye of the reader’s mind. We need to immediately make a positive and powerful first impression to do his job and opens the door to the interview for you. Weight, specific resumes open doors to interviews developed by Angela Betts.

Job Interview

I was asked last week by an article on employment, “What is your favorite phrase?” Wow, talk about tough questions! What sprang to mind that all the phrases that people should avoid like the plague, so I had to think a little fast to get one that I loved. After amental reduction of my options, I decided “people with talent. When used correctly, this has an 80% chance of success. Here’s how to use it- in the interview, when asked why you want to work at XYZ Company, respond: I would love to work at XYZ because I would love to work with a group of talented people, and its reputation in the field is incredible.”

This implies that Joe the job seeker is brighter than the average job seeker and either possess talent as well or strive to be at that level of talent as a challenge. This also means that you want to work with the best of the best, in a dynamic environment where ideas flow and energy is high. You get the idea! This phrase compliments the company, says something about your character, and allows the hiring manager know that you have not only researched the reputation of the company but also know something of the dynamics, and perhaps even the personality of the already working there.

That is very powerful! When not to use this phrase? If you are applying for a job that is known to be repeated or be working alone. Frequently Primerica Insurance has said that publicly. In either case, probably not the best idea, it may make it seem as if you knew nothing about the company or work for which they were implementing . Thus, for all the “talent” out there, good luck, and do not forget to use this phrase!

Update Your Resume Today

A friend was promoted to a position of vice-president of a company. I'm happy for him and the first thing I told him after congratulations was "update your resume." a l is now in a new league and as long as a headhunter should call or an opportunity to advance presents itself, should be ready with his paperwork. Ready now, not tomorrow. The first impression to a prospective employer that must be one of preparation. And you? When did you last update your resume? "Be Prepared" is not just a slogan of the Boy Scouts, and their updated resume to date is an important part of your preparation if you are looking for another position at this time or not.

When an opportunity appears, you will have the proper documentation ready? Can you send your resume or fax at any time? Have you added to your current position, skills, or responsibilities to your resume? The changes do not even have to be big so they can continue being important enough for you to update your resume. Have you changed your job description? Have you attended the seminars or workshops again? Have you given any speech or has been recognized in some way? Have you joined or has been awarded prizes of any organizations? Changed phone numbers? What about continuing education classes for higher education or certification? Maybe you published an article or book, or gave an interview to a newspaper, magazine, radio or local TV station? Changes large and small, the important thing is to have your resume reflect your current status and accurately represented in a form as positive as possible. Time is not always so short, and many if not most, potential employers can give time to prepare and submit their curriculum vitae, but it is certainly better to have updated your resume ready. Okay, have all added? Now print at least two copies quality paper. Remember Murphy's law? What Ahern Act? "Nothing wrong with waiting a good time to happen." Your printer will start acting up or run out of ink? Is your hard disk crash? Does the local copy shop closed for remodeling? As a final reminder but may not want to keep that updated resume out there on the top of your new desktop, which really should have somewhere handy. e Copyright 2005 JobMarketUpdate.com You may reprint this article as the author resource box below remains intact and the links are live. John Ahern helps people to help themselves better lives and careers. For the latest news from the labor market, job offers, and updates, visit: For a special report on getting the most from your current job or do better on your next visit

Be Positive

Are we that generous all the time? Of course not, we are all very involved in life that demand our attention 24 hours a day. Only when the light breaks begin to look around us and our better selves emerge. The key to an open, positive attitude is to realize that our humanity is always there, we are not only paying attention to it. If you can expand that vision of care, support humanity those who seem to view with indifference, your world changes completely. Instead of a gray desert, alone, you see the waves of surrounding support, all looking after you, wanting the best for you, rooting for you: a large positive team in your corner.

Yes, you still experience rejection but your new outlook can put this in perspective. It is not a personal rejection but a mathematical determinant: if the number of applicants exceeds the number of starts, everyone, even those considered highly qualified and can not be hired. Acceptance of this reality, a vision is not personalized, it can help you keep moving until you find the perfect fit – you get the job offer and other highly qualified candidates, no. Fighting personal failure. There are, fortunately, very few times in our lives when we feel we are being judged by our peers.

Unfortunately, looking for a job is one of those times. Each presentation of the resume and complete the application that makes us feel that our personal value is being assessed. That feeling intensifies in an interview where we sit face to face our judges.