Are we that generous all the time? Of course not, we are all very involved in life that demand our attention 24 hours a day. Only when the light breaks begin to look around us and our better selves emerge. The key to an open, positive attitude is to realize that our humanity is always there, we are not only paying attention to it. If you can expand that vision of care, support humanity those who seem to view with indifference, your world changes completely. Instead of a gray desert, alone, you see the waves of surrounding support, all looking after you, wanting the best for you, rooting for you: a large positive team in your corner.

Yes, you still experience rejection but your new outlook can put this in perspective. It is not a personal rejection but a mathematical determinant: if the number of applicants exceeds the number of starts, everyone, even those considered highly qualified and can not be hired. Acceptance of this reality, a vision is not personalized, it can help you keep moving until you find the perfect fit – you get the job offer and other highly qualified candidates, no. Fighting personal failure. There are, fortunately, very few times in our lives when we feel we are being judged by our peers.

Unfortunately, looking for a job is one of those times. Each presentation of the resume and complete the application that makes us feel that our personal value is being assessed. That feeling intensifies in an interview where we sit face to face our judges.