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Indirect Public Administration

E confused, not motivated employee and without understanding the situation, as will be? Thus the general objective of this work is to analyze strategies of motivation for the workers of the Direct and Indirect Public Administration, from the study of methodologies directed for this improvement in the relationship between the same ones, as well as the indication of courses of qualification including practical of operating motivation so that they recognize its importance as employee, thus considering a new reflection on the subject in question and showing the necessity of these modifications. We wait with this work, without pretension none to decide definitively the reinantes fidgets on the studied subject, but to only bring some consideraes that we understand opportune and that the same it serves as script for searching futures of the subject, for the students of Administration, of After-graduation, entrepreneurs, leaders of Companies, the proper employees or any another person that at the moment it is passing for a process of desmotivao in its workstation so that the same serves of orientation for its doubts. 2 2,1 ASPECTS METODOLGICOS TYPE OF STUDY How much its tipologia, is about bibliographical research, which supplied to the necessary theoretical support the consideraes and inquiries of the functioning and classification of the conventional markers for development of this research. According to Gil (2006, p.45), this type of research ' ' it is developed on the basis of material already elaborated, mainly constituted of books and articles cientficos' '. The bibliographical research has the advantage to enclose a bigger gamma of phenomena of what that one carried through directly next to the searched phenomena, as much for the nature of the time as of the limitations of the researcher. In reason of the chosen subject readings in books of Administration had been made, of Management of People, magazines, comments and all a investigativo study through the empirical research that had for purpose analysis of the characteristics of facts or phenomena, the evaluation of programs or the isolation of changeable principles.