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Expedia.de Reveals The Favorite Beach Reading Of The German

Expedia.de reveals the favorite Beach reading of the German Munich, March 22, 2012. The 2012 season is opened and this year it attracts many German tourists on the beaches of the world again. According to a recent study of by GfK on behalf of Expedia.de * 55 percent of Germans in the beach read. Therefore gives Expedia.de to the launch of the Expedia travel packages”app for iPads, each Urlaubsreifen, posts his travel through the application from iTunes worth 30 Euro voucher immediately. Mobile devices are now just as travel facilities, such as a good read.

With the iTunes certificate our customers to increase their digital vacation library”, so Andreas NAU, Managing Director of Expedia.de. Expedia.de and GfK have uncovered who prefer reading what on the beach. Bild-Zeitung or Glamour magazine? Also on the beach, the stereotype is confirmed: the man reads his newspaper at the breakfast table, while the woman in a magazine to peel. Actually, almost 40 percent of women without not shallow to the reading on the beach while only 26 percent of men can inspired on the beach for a magazine. The men on the other hand, prefer a newspaper to read (30 percent compared to 15 percent among women). And who would have thought it, women love it especially in the holidays cheerful and romantic. Comedies (26 percent) and romantic stories (17 percent) are the absolute favourites among the genres in the women. 17 percent of German men indicating, however, even not at the stand to read.

Only ten percent are women famous for the Sun bathing. East German romanticism against West German crime East Germans and West Germans alike love to read on the beach. The subject of the reading but is often not the same. While the West Beach vacationers more often access to a crime (15 percent) or thriller (seven percent), to inspire more East Germans with a romantic novel (ten percent).