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Real Estate Market in Cyprus financial crisis could not have a significant impact. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dennis Lockhart. After the crisis began with the island began to leave the British pensioners who are share not citizens of Cyprus and many live here almost continuously. Perhaps the most uncomfortable for British buyers argument has become a big fluctuation of the single European currency, the pound is not in favor of the pound. Residents – the British began to sell the house, their cars, furniture items at low prices to go home. The difference of exchange rates was that the British rescued for their apartment or house in his native pounds is much larger than it gave, so they tangible gains from the sale of its real estate Cyprus. To what extent were significant sales of housing by the British? Still Englishmen – the most numerous foreign buyers of property on the island, despite the the fact that buyers from Russia overtook them on the number of purchases of residential property in Cyprus for the year of the crisis. Construction of the island and the real estate market are designed for customers from abroad, and the proportion of visitors from the uk quite high in the population of the island of Cyprus. Investors from the uk, in contrast to our countrymen, took at the beginning of the crisis is much smaller objects than is usually bought that and felt the pathos and its suburbs.

Britain's economy felt the problem immediately after the arrival of the crisis. Offer for sale had their Cypriot house in the beginning of the crisis due to financial problems. Of course, this fact determines the state of the economy in Britain, and not the republic of Cyprus. 'English' property as a result of the global financial crisis has become more accessible. Two-storey villa in Paphos costs Apartments in Limassol – it could not attract the interest of our investors.

Since the beginning of financial crisis began to increase Russians' interest in real estate in Paphos. An important cause of high intnresa is that the secondary property already has a title, and this makes it possible not to put themselves unnecessary trouble. At the secondary real estate market happens to rely on an impressive discount – 20-30% when compared with the price of the same primary property. Cottages, which is not the first, very often framed by a shady garden. Not forget the English tradition to plant flowers in your garden and personally monitor their garden in the grounds. Shady garden, giving shade in the summer heat in very handy on the southern island. It is also important that vtorchnom market flats and houses exhibit is furnished, the new owner can immediately settle in the house yourself or rent it. Buyers from Russia in the secondary market of Cyprus is often real estate is quite costly, but also acquire and affordable homes and apartments. Even with the global economic crisis can find a good hand.