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When creating your business (commercial entity) from the ground up to not only choose the main business activity, but also explore and consider some important points. For convenience, we divide our of several steps: 1. Setting up a company (legal and economic aspects) – the first step in organizing the company and consists of the following steps: 1. Market research, supply and demand in the area of activity, that you are going to choose as the basis for your business. Rockwell Trading is likely to agree. This is necessary so that would resolve the question of expediency, namely whether or not you generally do business in the selected your direction or not perhaps we can choose something more profitable. 2.

The second step after selecting your areas of your business should be to study the legal framework, namely the laws and other legal acts regulating the chosen form of commercial activity, possibly by the law set any restrictions to take up such activities, for example, must obtain a license and other permits etc. 3. After studying law, contact a qualified lawyer / attorney who will advise you the most appropriate organizational form for your company, it can be: llc (Limited Company) zao (Closed Joint Stock Company), ojsc (Open Joint Stock Company) and then prepare the necessary documents to register your company as a legal entity. The most common and convenient organizational-legal form for small business is a company about it and will be discussed later. So check over and jur. person is created as an entrepreneur and has the capacity to Step 1 towards a modern perspective of the company finished proceed to the second.