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There Is A Demand For Raw Silk

However despite these promising opportunities, we have investigated arriving at the country level to determine that there is a demand for raw silk. Possible reasons are due to the low incomes of the population, economic situation, lack of knowledge and lack of technology and processes of transformation of matter. The business plan provides that our business strategy should be applied as an indirect distribution channel type short, in this case we would play in the first stage the role of producer. In the future with the evolution and performance of the company could make a change to the type of distribution channel, or add another type of distribution channel. V. STRUCTURE OF THE ORGANIZATION PROFILES: CEO’s who is responsible for monitoring and supervision are planning commissioning would work both in field and plant it also must keep track of the finances of the company. Secretary will be helpful because the manager will monitor the financial and accounting of the company is the person ordered to pay the salary of employees.

Driver is the person in charge of purchasing the necessary inputs for the operation of the company who also perform due diligence on the company field staff workers are responsible for planting, maintenance and harvesting of mulberry leaf plant personnel. These will be in charge of the daily work in plants as food, vintage silk and cleaning the pens of the worm. VI. GENERAL INFORMATION OF THE PROJECT The project involves three phases, the same as will be detailed below: First Stage: The stage of establishing both the planting of Morus Alba, and establishment of facilities for the breeding area, breeding, storage and area administrative.