Many sales experts say that for a seller to be successful must begin to sell itself and that this will allow you to sell more products. Always using a meter to measure its success, the performance of sales budgets as a result of their work. But they forget the human being. Dan Miller has compatible beliefs. What good is it to sell more than others if we do not grow as a person? We believe that true success of a seller begins when developing sales activity while evolving as a human being when making the profession as a way of life and on that basis is designed and implemented a personal project. This may sound a bit easier, at this time dominated the skills and projects. Now that many claim that human beings can build your life in any time you make a decision.

However, we must work hard and consistently, for to make substantial changes that allow us to build roads to success in our work of the seller, must be a review for intrapersonal determine where we place the columns to help us build our new lifestyle. On the one hand is the first family that plays a role in our education, must be individuals who can be happy and stable, they know how to find meaning in their life knowing coordinate and balance the different aspects of life: personal, professional, affective and social. But in our environment this is not always the case and instead the trend is to have homes in the unit less committed and ready to cultivate those core values. Then, as a complement to it, in school education should impart knowledge and teach children to read, write, calculate, reason and dialogue. The quality with which we educate our children will determine the future quality of our society.

Finally, all these aspects gained in our first years were reflected in our behavior as adults. This allows us to say that although it is not easy to achieve success, it is not difficult, it is a matter of analysis and to go as appropriate. Not pretend to improve our performance as sellers if we try to improve ourselves. To be a successful seller, must be balanced people in every way and especially to regain the family.