As citizens protect the environment: creating platforms or fast-action environmental groups in cities, rural areas at the municipal level, with close relationship with the official. The intention is to give meaning to the words: action – solution. Official bodies: implementation and support programs to the investigation of the areas most damaged by pollution. Stronger laws and updated for environmental protection. Focused towards industrial pollution, private and public rehabilitation. Water: official organizations and associations create enough resources to address the following points: – Review the system of canals and pipes at the municipal level. Municipal crews available for quick repair of any loss. If damages are precariousness of the facility or be a basic system built in times of abundant water availability and current losses are multiple, a plan of investment and engineering for the urgent renovation of the canal.

Do not allow inertia and administrative delays that may cause too many delays in implementation. Create a mechanism to monitor the efforts by a commission created by the municipality, association or union concerned. Not even a loose end. – Optimize or expand the reserve deposits in municipalities with very unstable cycles of rain. And engineering calculations to optimize the sizes of the reserve deposits of public drinking water – responsible for providing water: Monitoring cubic meters consumed by each user, not higher rates apply only when a certain number of meters, this only not be used to persuade not to overdo it. The percentage of citizens who ignore is not enough, most remain with the consumer inertia or neglect.