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Earn money today on your own site occupation is an interesting and sometimes very profitable. Began to appear among us people who have nowhere to run, but have a good income. This webmaster. Naturally, they do not own a single site, but several, and therefore income from them starts measured in some cases tens of thousands of rubles. But as the same site can yield a profit if it complimentary? Such a question might ask people versed in the kitchen. The most basic income – it's money for advertising on the site, but rather for the fact that the site "provides" visitors to another site, which, in turn, for example, sells furniture and, accordingly, increases the number of potential buyers. No less popular way is selling seats for links to other sites that seek to improve their position in search engines and pay money for their links. Also nice is possible to participate in affiliate programs, for example, you become a mediator between the seller and the buyer and get a percentage for each transaction.

You can even have your partner online store even with no goods or real shop. That's because that's all virtual. Generally, to earn enough on the site is not difficult, hard to do it wisely and maximize profits. Better to have one site that brings thousands of dollars in month than a hundred, bringing in a month at one hundred rubles.

Tatiana Golubnichenko

At once the most reading country in the world have suffered and book online. Indebtedness "Top Books" ("Las Knigas", "Letter", "Knigomir", "Write-read, BookLexica and "Magpie"), the Savings Bank and other creditors more than 4 billion rubles, real estate and commodity – pledged to the same Sberbank. Some contend that Federal Reserve Bank shows great expertise in this. Bankrupt network Bookberry – side business and Mamut. Fish is looking for where it is deeper, and consumers looking for low prices – it makes network marketers to reduce the margin to the minimum cost-effective values. "A particular headache for big retailers are high logistics costs that prevent the lower cost of goods, – the head of recruitment areas "Retail Personnel Center" unity "Tatiana . – This, despite the recession, even provoked a demand on literacy logisticians who are actively improving and consolidating all procurement networkers.

Another method – the restriction of the product range with a simultaneous increase in the volume purchased by the parties, which makes it possible to obtain Additional discounts from suppliers. Most retailers are actively developing products under its own brands (private label), which helps to increase margins and also to reduce prices. Narrowing range of commercial releases area, which, in turn, enables retailers to develop new initiatives. Thus, Russia's largest by sales network operator X5 Retail Group (," Crossroads, "" Carousel ") in the spring announced the launch of the project" Smart Media ", which will combine sales media, books, dvd, cd, pc, portable digital equipment, with divisions for these products is scheduled to open in all stores X5.