Boilers – a vital necessity if not safely operate heating or heating system if the house or apartment is not laid pipe hot water. In this situation, boilers and save. Mounting the boiler in the building you probably stop worrying and be sure – you have a nice warm home in any weather. Of course, not forgotten such a nuisance as non-functional boiler, however, note that you can not watch if buy a pot of high-quality brand. It is clear that due when buying a furnace and boilers should be given to the well-known in the domestic market.

It is not in vain as these products won many Buyers and installed in the homes of people of many countries and different nationalities. Kohl you get the right boiler company – then rest assured it is working. In order to deed you choose wisely, we’ll let – where buy a boiler? In order to avoid paying many times more and not buy a faulty product, it is best to buy a boiler in a stationary store or online shop direct from the manufacturer. For example, popular in many countries mark the boiler equipment – Wolf (Germany). Boilers Wolf – made in Germany – gradually became popular throughout the world because of its quality. For Ukrainians, there is a direct representative of this brand – Universal House, which working in Ukraine since 2005 and currently the company is organized shops in all major cities. The company Universal House – the official representative of Wolf (Germany), for heating homes available solar sewers, solid-copper, cast iron boiler, condensing boiler, wall mounted boiler, heat pumps, steel boiler, gas boiler.

How do you know what pot to buy an apartment? It is reasonable to buy a wall mounted boiler if a your apartment gas pipeline. If the dwelling size is not too large then the gas boiler is sufficiently economical, especially if purchased modern efficient gas condensing boiler. Gas boiler can housed in a brand anywhere in the house, buy a ring compact wall hung gas boiler. Buy solid fuel boiler – one of good solutions to those to whom no suitable gas. For heating you can use coke, pellets bph, coal, wood – what you prefer. Buy a solar collector – a modern solution. Solar collectors work during the days of the scattered and in the days of bright light. By purchasing a solar collector you will be a cheap heating and hot water. The advantage of solar collectors that do not have to pay for the gas source, no need to construct a chimney, and no need to fuss about the fire, as it should do when installing boilers. Purchasing boiler or solar collector, you will have a heating source for your apartment. In order to make an uninterrupted hot water supply, you can buy a boiler Wolf (Germany).