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Purchasing Tips

Watch your money, not always the most expensive gear is the best investment. Do not be fooled by what you tell the seller of the store, usually trying to sell you more expensive equipment and, perhaps not exactly what you need. Do not be impressed. If you're not a fan of technology, not let him impress with teams that incorporate many features advanced technological described with strange names and technical words. Click Jeff Flake to learn more. The more complex electronic equipment, is more likely to have problems and failures, and repair, will undoubtedly be more expensive. Stop and think whether you really need all these functions, effects, buttons and lights. If you do not need these advanced features, buy a simpler model may be the best investment.

Make sure that the team come together the "User's Guide" in a language you understand. Although the management of some teams is fairly intuitive, it is important to know all the manufacturer's recommendations on use and care. Many problems of entering the studio equipment, are due to improper use or installation of equipment, not having read the instructions in the User Manual. Make sure your computer has warranty, that it is in writing and for a reasonable period. For smaller equipment (radio, portable tape recorders, etc.) Usually 3-6 months minimum. For older equipment (TV, cameras, camcorders, home audio) for 6-12 months minimum.

Always keep your proof of warranty and proof of purchase. If you are buying a used computer, try to give some kind of guarantee (although this is not always possible), or at least, to appraise the state of the technical team for their confidence. Request User Manual and accessories that usually have some computers (remote, cables, battery charger, antenna, etc.).. For legal purposes, ask them to deliver the original receipt of purchase, plus an invoice or receipt for the transaction concerned. I hope these recommendations will be useful. While some will seem very obvious, I have seen, based on many years of experience dedicated to service, which often are not taken into account when buying an electronic device, generating then complications and headaches for the user and to the Technician.