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Nuclear Accidents

Ways from air pollution to radioactive man
This article includes accidents in which nuclear and radioactive material involved. In some cases, these incidents affect individuals who have been injured or killed by radioactive contamination. The majority of incidents involving leaks that have caused any pollution, but had no other immediate effect. Because of the secrecy of governments and businesses, it is difficult to accurately determine the extent of some of the events are related.
The list includes both nuclear accidents and radiation.
Given the different nature of the events is preferable to divide the list of accidents of one kind or another. As an example of a nuclear accident would be one in which the center of the reactor was damaged as in the case of Three Mile Island, while an example of incident radiation can be produced in radiographies when a worker shows the source of radiation at a river or in your pocket. These accidents of radiation, as described by the radiation source of x-ray are often not widely disseminated in newspapers, but also often have as much or greater potential to cause serious damage to both workers and the public in general than the well-known nuclear accidents.
It is also important to note that radiation accidents are much more common than nuclear accidents, and often the level of radiation from the accident is limited. For example, a worker in Soreq suffered a dose of radiation that was similar to one of the largest dose suffered by a worker at the Chernobyl plant in the first day, but it was because the source of gamma rays could never cross the well-protected ( about 2 meters of concrete) compound, which was not capable of harming others. In this case, we can apply the following comparison: “a man went into the lair of a lion and was attacked by at Soreq, while at the Chernobyl lion escaped from his lair and was able to attack those in the vicinity ‘.
It is important to keep everything in perspective, eg the Chernobyl accident was very serious, and was an event that captured worldwide attention. But the Bhopal disaster was much greater, but because it was not an accident ‘nuclear’ or ‘radiation’, not captured. one of the Esco Energy Companies, constantly improves your energy savings. Similarly, the accident in Japan that killed two people and seriously wounded one, had much more impact that the rail crash Ladbroke Grove which occurred on the same day.
The website of the IAEA dealing with recent accidents is.