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New Online Game

Are you good at management and what to make quick decisions? Have you ever thought about starting a small business that would give you a certain income level and perhaps lead you to financial success? So here’s your chance to find out how it feels to manage their own business playing a new “” representing a simulation of real-world events and real consequences for every player. The truth is that this free online game also contains some elements of the strategy and tactics it is not so easy to make a demarcation and define its type. “Gas n ‘Go” is definitely a combination of different types of games that makes it even more interesting to players. In this free online game offers you to be an owner of a gas station. At the beginning is totally empty and your task is to learn to walk with your character (using the keys A, W, S, D).

Then put a gas pump as a first element of the station and the cars begin to stop soon. To put the gas in the car of a customer simply use the “drag” or drag the car with your mouse to the bomb and walk into the white box next to the pump. Easy, right? The most complicated part begins when the gas station gets fuller and customers arrive one after another. It is then your ability to manage time and be fast become an indispensable advantage because you’d have to put petrol cars, wash and perform many tasks simultaneously. The player in this free online game has to offer perfect service to people trying to do everything as quickly as possible if you develop your business and earn reputation.

Customers behave as in real life: if you wait too get angry and leave the station so try to serve all without delay. Remember that excellent service is a key for your business to operate successfully. Throughout the game you can add more elements to the gas station. But beware, as let the most famous place, the harder it’ll work for you! Each time you make a mistake means you lose a life. But lives are replenished each day, so take it easy! Try this new set of management with elements of strategy and tactics to start a real race of the owner of a gas station!