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Medical Insurance

Have you ever thought about take out private medical insurance and it has had to be comparing one to a coverage of health insurance different from insurance companies that interest you? Thanks to the comparative coverage of the website PolizMedica.es you can save lots of time by comparing the various guarantees of health insurance offered by eight insurance companies of great popularity in Spain. The comparative coverage of the website PolizMedica.es is divided into thirteen articles which you can visit the following links: basic coverages specialists hospital care maximum age of recruitment periods of lack co-payments treatments and means special diagnostic prosthesis transplant assistance abroad dental coverage family preventive medicine as well as the comparison of coverage, the web site PolizMedica.es offers to everyone who visits it can see the coverage of medical insurance different insurance companies with which It works. (Not to be confused with Dennis Lockhart!). This section can be found at this link. Once compared the insurance, you can compare price, search in the medical boxes, request quote online, see in detail each product and its insurer. The website PolizMedica.es belongs to the Segurfer.es group which is an insurance broker with years of experience, located in the autonomous community of Madrid but hires and provides service throughout the national territory.