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Today will begin with a definition of language as a place of contradiction and dialectics of appropriation of language exchange, with the aim of scoring very well, as input to the game, the complete change of perspective that we need to operate talking about what they I said when I tried to answer the question "What is thinking?". We, in fact, an analysis of what, in the language relieves certain cognitive processes (fully implicit) that we have studied to what, in it, entirely relieved of sociology, ie the permanent contradiction (and fully implicit) the divergence and convergence (which by bad luck you know very well) constitute the person. And therefore, the anthropology of Jean Gagnepain proved that the two plans of rationality (rationality and social rationality verbal) were clinically completely autonomous. I will begin to illustrate this dialectical opposition, given the existence of languages. Remember: Why, they said, all the dolphins of the world speak the "delfiniano" if we can not say that all men speak the "antroninano? Simply because the dolphins, like other animals, seek to "communicate" with them, however what characterizes man is precisely the rejection of what we call everyday language … "communication"! You need to understand, in fact, that no man from the moment that this says to another: "I'm not you", that is, you know, we started to make a hole for ourselves and bear with our neighbor, hole that we really need, then fill in, on pain of being doomed to idiocy, in the etymological sense of the term (the fools in ancient Greek, are those who become locked in its singularity).